NGO demands NIA investigation into Jonathone, Sohan killings

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TURA, March 06: The killing of Jonathone N Sangma of the National Congress Party (NCP) has raised a lot of eye brows in the Garo Hills region, with many demanding for a thorough probe into the matter led by one of the central investigative agencies. While the clamour for the same probe grew silent a for a few days, it was raised again on Tuesday with a demand for a probe by the FKJGP into the murder of both Jonathone N Sangma as well as the encounter killing of the GNLA chief, Sohan D Shira.

Jonathone was killed in an IED blast allegedly orchestrated by the GNLA, led by Sohan D Shira on February 18 last while returning from an election campaign in the village of Sawilgre in East Garo Hills, along with 4 others, including a policeman as well as a former cadre of the same outfit. Interestingly, Shira himself was killed in an encounter near Dobu in EGH, six days later, leaving many with the question as to why now?
“The killing of Jonathone N Sangma was an orchestrated one and we demand a probe into his death to be done by the NIA. Similar promises as well as demands were raised by his party as well as other politicians and as such we seek an inquiry by the NIA to ascertain why and who killed him. In fact, everyone wants to know why the politician was targeted and who stood to gain most from his death,” said FKJGP, Garo Hills president, Pritam Marak.
The NGO also feels that something was amiss about the killing of the GNLA chief just six days after he allegedly blew the NCP candidate and his workers to smithereens.
“Sohan was a wanted man and had been on the run for about a decade after forming the GNLA. His death, to us, happened under mysterious circumstances. We want a probe into his death because the entire episode reeks of a political conspiracy. We want the NIA probe into his killings well as we believe I will break open the entire politico-militant nexus in Garo Hills,” added Marak.
Marak felt the questions were pertinent and also something that everyone in Garo Hills wanted answers to.
“The GNLA has been declared a banned outfit by the centre and as such falls under the purview of the NIA. The killing of Jonathone Sangma and his people was a well planned and well coordinated attack using IEDs and as such needs to be investigated by the NIA due to the nature of the outfit as well,” felt Marak.
“If someone benefitted from the deaths, he needs to be found out and the law should take the strongest action against them for taking innocent lives,” he added.
Jonathone’s killing was widely condemned with protests being undertaken in all parts of the state as well as in Assam with the demand for an impartial probe being one of the main agendas. However as the state was in election mode without a government, the demand had to wait until the formation of a new government, which incidentally happened on Tuesday.


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