Conrad has huge responsibility to set new benchmark of development

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SHILLONG, March 05: Outgoing Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma has pointed out that his probable successor as the chief political executive of the state, Conrad Sangma has a huge responsibility to set a new benchmark of development in Meghalaya.
“Whoever takes the charge as the political chief executive of the state, the responsibility that will be vested upon him, is tremendous and will require lots of support from everyone who is in the team including the whole establishment,” Dr. Sangma said on Monday.

“I would wish the new team my best wishes. Do justice to our people and do justice to the state befitting to their expectation and aspirations,” he said.
Claiming to have set a “new benchmark of growth and development” in the state, Dr. Sangma said, “I expect them (new government) to carry this forward in a manner that the growth momentum do not get dislocated.”
Dr. Sangma said that in his eight years innings, bandh culture was done away with which restored peace and hope for the people was one of the achievements.
“That gives me an amount of feel good factor when we have been able to restore peace and hope which was eluding us,” Dr. Sangma said.
He said the new government has a “complete enabling environment” which can really be exploited to really take forward the state.
 Stating that many did not bother to know about the IBDLP flagship programme, Dr. Sangma however said, “Irrespective of the initiatives in terms of numbers across different sector, it is expected that they (new govt) must examine.”
Asked if he has any regrets, the Chief Minister, who also completed his full five year second term on Monday, said, “I wish I could have done more!”
Having outsmarted the Congress which claimed 21 seats in the just concluded elections, National Peoples’ Party leader Conrad K Sangma is scheduled to be sworn in as the state’s new Chief Minister on Tuesday morning along with his full cabinet.
The NPP is supported by it ally at the Centre and in Manipur, the BJP (2), UDP (6), PDF (4), HDSPDP (2) and an Independent.


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