BJP fails to make an impression in Garo Hills

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TURA, March 03: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) faltered in the Garo Hills region with the party failing to get even one seat amongst the 23 that were up for grabs. The result will leave the saffron party red faced after extensive campaigning by the BJP bigwigs in Garo Hills, which included the PM, Narendra Modi and BJP party president, Amit Shah.
The party, though showing a bigger presence, failed in all constituencies, remaining competitive in only 2 seats where it came second, Ampati and South Tura.

Embarrassingly for the saffron party, the BJP candidate for the Phulbari seat, where the PM, Narendra Modi paid a visit on February 22, came last amongst four contestants. Modi’s maiden visit to Garo Hills saw more than 70,000 people in attendance, raising hopes of a better performance than what eventually came through.
Amit Shah’s visit too had seen more than 20,000 people attend though their candidate came in a poor fourth amongst 10 candidates. Tikrikilla is considered one of the seats from where the saffron party was strong, though infighting as well as the choice of candidate meant that the party suffered an embarrassing loss here as well.
Rahinath Barchung, who was rejected in favour of Kapil Boro for the BJP ticket, came a close second in the contest, posing further questions on the think tank of the BJP in terms of their internal assessment.
In nearby Raksamgre, EK Sangma, who was also rejected by the BJP, beat Janathan Rabha (who was given the BJP ticket) eventually coming third to the NPP and Congress.
The BJP though was competitive in quite a few seats, including Dalu and Salmanpara where their candidates stood third in both. Elsewhere though, the party was literally decimated despite the wide nature of the campaigns conducted by the leaders of the party in Garo Hills.
Meanwhile it was a 2 party show in Garo Hills where the NPP won 11 seats and the INC taking 10. 1 seat went to the NCP and 1 more to Independent candidate, Samuel Sangma from Baghmara.


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