HYC cites 29 reasons to vote against Congress

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SHILLONG, Feb 12: Lakhs of leaflets citing 29 reasons why Meghalaya should not vote for the Congress party in the upcoming Assembly elections were released by the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) on Tuesday.
The leaflet, which was released by the HYC president Peter Lawai and general secretary Robertjune Kharjahrin here in the city on Tuesday for distribution to the general public, was part of the organization’s anti-Congress campaign.

In the leaflet, the Council has charged the ruling Congress of rejecting the implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) and other strong anti-influx laws besides failing to oppose mining of uranium and supporting the implementation of railway lines.
It may be mentioned that the HYC had launched the ‘Save Hynniewtrep Mission’ after the Congress-led state government turned down its request for discussion on the implementation of the Council’s 14-points of demand for tackling influx issue in the state.
“The Congress is a party which has outright rejected the implementation of the ILP and other strong laws to deal with the issue of influx and illegal immigration into the state,” Lawai said.
He also said that Congress has allotted party tickets to non-indigenous candidates including Assembly speaker AT Mondal (Phulbari), Dr Ajad Zaman (Rajabala) and Manas Chaudhuri (South Shillong) defeating the people’s aspiration to preserve their political rights.
Terming the party as a blind follower of its high command, Lawai opined that one of the reasons for lack of seriousness on the part of the Congress to deal with influx is because it considers them as a “vote bank”.
He also accused the Congress of diluting the tribal district councils by putting up non-indigenous candidates in the last GHADC elections.
Highlighting more reasons why the people should reject the Congress, he said the ruling party has failed to eradicate corruption by not implementing the Lokayukta in the state besides failing to resolve the long pending inter-state boundary with Assam.
“It is also this party which fails to oppose uranium mining where one of its leaders RV Lyngdoh had even kissed a stone which he claimed to be uranium in a rally held in the previous years,” he said adding that the Congress had also supported the advent of railways.
“They should also reject this government which has wasted the public money only on festivals instead of investing the same for the development of the state,” he said adding “It is this party which is also forcing the people to enroll for Aadhaar.”
The Council further highlighted other ‘failures’ which include absence of an education policy, employment policy and others besides the alleged interfering with the powers of the autonomous district councils and failure to come up with clear stand on municipal elections, delay in inclusion of Khasi language in the Eight Schedule of the Constitution.
Kharjahrin meanwhile said that though the Council is concentrating on a ‘clean Congress campaign’ it is not sparing the other political parties which have refused to include its demand in their respective election manifestos.
“We are also campaigning against other political parties like the People Democratic Front (PDF) which has failed to highlight its commitment towards addressing the issue of influx in its manifesto,” he said.
Stating that PDF does not appear to be a regional party, Kharjahrin has appealed to the leaders of the political party to reconsider its decision by inserting the demand for ILP and other laws for dealing with influx in its manifesto.
He however lamented that many political parties are delaying the release of their election manifestos even though the elections are close at hand.


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