Shaming of minor raises furore on social media

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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TURA, Feb 13: Social media users raised a huge furore after photos of a victim of sexual assault were uploaded by some unscrupulous people on Facebook leading to many who followed the post making absolutely distasteful comments against the victim.
According to sources, the teen from Garo Hills had been enamoured with a boy from another community after long conversations over the phone between the two. After being invited by the culprit, the girl along with her elder sister went to the town of Krishnai in Goalpara and visited the Paikan locality where the culprit was from. She visited the place at about 8 am.

The victim was goaded into visiting the house of the culprit where she was forced to drink alcohol. After she was intoxicated, she was sexually abused and then dumped by the roadside at about 1:30 pm.
She was later helped by some good Samaritans after which she filed a complaint with the Krishnai police in Assam. The culprit however was able to escape after media reports appeared in Assam a few hours after the incident. 
The shaming of the victim as well as posting of photos of what is now known to be a minor victim of sexual assault made many call for action against those looking for their moment of fame.
“We immediately asked for the post to be pulled down after it was put up but these people started to make more vicious comments against me as well as the victim. I kept screenshots of the conversation as well as the threads as a case will be filed against those making such hateful comments against the girl. The post has the potential of creating communal chaos as well,” said activist Jaynie Sangma.
Though the posts as well as the thread were deleted, the damage had already been done.
“What kind of sycophants put up photos of victims and then shame them this way. We wonder if they would be happy if the same was done to members of their own family. Those behind shaming her are as guilty as those that took advantage of the girl,” said another activist, Maxbirth G Momin.
NGO members from Assam and North Garo Hills, who visited the Krishnai PS yesterday too were very unhappy with the events that unfolded ob social media, vowing to file a complaint and seek action against those responsible for such irresponsible acts.
“This is not the first time some people have taken this route for their two minutes of fame. They have to understand that they cannot keep getting away with this. What they did was shameful and legally wrong and is punishable. They should have sought punishment for the culprit, not shaming the victim through publishing her photos,” added another activist, PB Marak.


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