HSPDP seeking dissolution of ADCs: Shylla

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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SHILLONG, Feb 13: While accusing the Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) of seeking the dissolution of the Autonomous District Councils (ADCs), the National People’s Party (NPP) candidate from Nongkrem, Hispreaching Son Shylla has called upon the people of Meghalaya to shun this party in the upcoming Assembly elections.
“The people of the state should not support the HSPDP, a party which is asking for extension of Article 371 of the Constitution in Meghalaya which will affect the existence of the three Autonomous District Councils in the state,” Shylla said here on Tuesday.

The sitting Nongkrem MDC said that the moment the Article 371 of the Indian Constitution is extended to the state of Meghalaya, the three ADCs including KHADC will stand ‘dissolve’ and will ‘cease to exist’.
 On the other hand, Shylla said that the HSPDP chief Ardent Basaiawmoit has no right to make Article 371 a political issue since he had already withdrawn the resolution moved in the floor of the Assembly on September 22, 2015.
“After the Chief Minister clarified on the resolution demanding inclusion of Meghalaya under Article 371 of the Constitution, he (Ardent) immediately withdrew it. If he wants to make it an issue, he should have not withdrawn the resolution but taken the same to the people but he failed in doing so,” he stated.
Meanwhile, Shylla also assured that if elected, he would seek immediate amendment for re-inserting the important clause in the Meghalaya Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Act, 2004.
While stating that people of Nongkrem are against MUDA, he said that the former Congress legislator Malngiang was the man responsible for passing the Meghalaya Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Act, 2004.
He alleged that the Act 2004 has omitted Section 1 sub-section (2) of the Meghalaya Town and Country Planning Act, 1973 which clearly states - “It (Act) shall extend to the whole of Meghalaya excluding the Autonomous Districts.”
Shylla further said that Basaiawmoit has failed to oppose the amendment Act of 2004 and bring amendment (in the Assembly) to reinsert Section 1 sub-sectionn (2) of the 1973 Act.
“He (Ardent) has failed as an MLA to protect Nongkrem (from MUDA encroachment) and what he did was only a drama by shouting outside the Assembly. Though he is an MLA for the past 10 years still he behaves like the president of the HSPDP. That is why MUDA means ‘Mukul Under Dealing with Ardent’,” Shylla alleged.


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