Is Meghalaya seeking a change of guard

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SHILLONG, Feb 11: With electioneering gaining momentum each new day, several responses are emerging from the common man when asked what they expect from the ensuing Assembly elections. The mood of the electorate indicates that the Congress party in the state may face an uphill task in retaining the mandate of the people.
According to a survey carried out by Meghalaya Times in various parts of the city, it has come to light that people are vying for a change but is skeptical at the same whether it is going to be that easy to dethrone Congress from the state.

Vinod Kumar Biswa, who is a practicing lawyer, observed that BJP along with its allies may well spring a surprise in the polls. He is of the opinion that the desertion by Congressmen in the past will help parties like BJP and NPP gain a stronghold in the backdrop of a weakened Congress. He feels that NPP and BJP have a good chance to come to power while maintaining that nothing can be ruled out till the declaration of results.
An aged voter from North Shillong feels otherwise. Although he too is vying for a change, he feels that it may not be that easy to defeat Congress. “I see that whenever there is any meeting called by the Congress party, at least in my own constituency, people flock in hundreds but the same is not seen in case of other parties. I feel that there may be some changes in the share of votes for Congress,” he observed adding that with the late release of the list of candidates by the BJP, it is only going to benefit the other parties.
A government employee, who is hoping for change, observed that it does not matter much whether BJP or Congress rules the state as long as there is development. He is hoping for a change while opining that there was no development in the last many years in the state.
Babit Kharsahnoh, who is a professional boxer from the state, observed that there should be change. A national level boxer, having performed in various arenas in the country, Babit further observed that players like him are worst affected since they have to spend money from their own pockets while performing in tournaments outside the state since there is no help from the state government as is seen in other states.
Entrepreneur Banshanlang meanwhile has demanded the implementation of sports, education, tourism policies by the state government because players like Babit are suffering for lack of any sport policy in the state.
An elderly lady observed that Congress will face the heat this time. Hoping that there will be a coalition government of regional parties, post polls, she feels that it is high time that the state sees a change. Another government employee feels same and observed that given the scenario in the state the people deserve a change.


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