3 candidates succumb to scrutiny 440 left in fray for Assembly seats

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TURA, Feb 08: The application of three candidates from the Garo Hills region got rejected on Thursday due to various reasons after the end of scrutiny.
The candidates whose applications were rejected have been identified as Arelitha K Sangma, who was the candidate for the North East India Development Party (NEIDP) for Selsella. According to administrative sources, her application was rejected as she failed to produce ten proposers for her candidature. The same is mandatory for contesting from a non recognized party.

Another candidate from Rajabala, Milson Sangma had a similar problem to Arelitha. Milson was to contest from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which is not a recognized party in the state. It is only recognized in the states of Punjab and Delhi and as such needed ten proposers for his candidature.
Both Arelitha and Milson were able to introduce only a single proposer for their names losing out on contesting from their respective seats.
In South-West Garo Hills district, another candidate from the NEIDP, Serazul H Kharkongor had his candidature rejected by the returning officer as he had been disqualified after the last assembly elections in 2013 for failing to produce his election expenses. He is on a 3 year suspension from contesting.
Kharkongor had earlier contested from the Tikrikilla seat in West Garo Hills and this time wanted to contest from Mahendraganj against the likes of Dikkanchi D Shira of the INC, Premananda Koch of the BJP and Sanjay Sangma of the NPP.
The districts of North, East and South Garo Hills had no rejections during the process of scrutiny.
All in all the nominations of 374 candidates have been cleared all over the state which comprises 344 men and 33 women.


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