Congress show of strength as Mukul files nomination for Songsak

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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WILLIAMNAGAR, Feb 07: A day after the BJP show of strength during their the filing of nominations of its candidates, it was the turn of the Congress to show their numbers as thousands gathered at the Congress Bhavan after the nomination filing of the Chief Minister, Dr Mukul Sangma at the deputy commissioner’s office in Williamnagar in East Garo Hills (EGH) district.
Speaking at a gathering, the CM predicted 40 seats for the Congress, saying that the latest reports have added two more to his earlier prediction.

“All parties have nominated their candidates as per our latest reports, we will win 2 more seats in the coming Assembly elections,” said Dr. Sangma.
Dr. Sangma will take on NPP strongman, Nihim D Shira who is also the two time representative for the seat as well as BJP’s Thomas N Marak and UDP’s Arun Marak, in what is expected to be a very close contest – with all contestants having their own vote banks.
Dr. Sangma’s nomination filing ended all speculation as dramatically the CM made a late entry to the office to file his papers.
“There was speculation as to whether I would file my nomination or not and that has ended now after my filing of papers. I have come to work for the people of Songsak,” announced the CM.
The meeting also saw the presence of education minister, Deborah C Marak and the INC Rongjeng MLA, Sengnam Marak along with office bearers for the EGH Congress.
Replying to criticism from the opposition of him sleeping through his term Dr. Sangma said, “Development has taken place in the state while the opposition has said that I was sleeping. We have brought peace to the state through our efforts even as they continued to believe I was sleeping. If we could achieve so much while I was sleeping, think of what we can achieve when I am awake.”
He further pointed to development of roads in the state which has helped people all across.
“Earlier it would take about 6 hours to get from Guwahati to Shillong. Now it takes only 2 and half hours. From Tura to the airport takes about 2 hours 45 minutes and Tura to Williamnagar about 1 hour 30 minutes. We have been able to develop this infrastructure over the past 8 years of Congress rule,” he added.
As has now become the norm, the CM pointed to the BJP and ‘beef ban’ while asking the people to vote for the party that will protect their own interests and not interfere in their personal choices.
“We have initiated development over the past 8 years and that development needs to continue and as such the Congress government needs the mandate to continue this work. There are many places which still need development, including SGH, Dadenggre and the like and our government wants to assure you that it will happen. If we fail, you can throw us out,” said the CM to the gathering.
The CM will face off against six more candidates for the Songsak seat including those mentioned above in what is expected to be stiff competition. Former runner up and Congress ticket aspirant, Fardina C Marak also filed her papers for Songsak on Wednesday with Silman Marak (NCP) doing so on Tuesday.


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