Candidates chant mantra of development and fighting corruption

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Feb 07: Development and fighting Corruption is the mantra and the priority for a majority of the 443 candidates who filed their nomination papers for the electoral battle in Meghalaya and if their statements are anything to go by with, come any government at the helm of affairs post elections, the battle is won by the citizens.

Come elections and the word development becomes the most used word. While almost all political parties and candidates use it to woo voters, it is also used to bring down or target opponents and Meghalaya is no exception. 
Be it any sitting legislator or a new entrant, the answer to the question about their areas of priority is always development, though in different spheres.
For some it is education, adequate water supply, advanced health care facility while for many others it is eradicating poverty, coming up with policies, putting an end to the interstate boundary issue.
All in all the candidates touched upon all the difficulties, needs and the issue that the State and its public have been asking for decades.
“People want that whatever they speak should transform into reality. We want governance in the literal sense and not mere talks to fool people,” said CSWO president Agnes Kharshiing
A young business student, Avinash More said, “That is great news! If all of them are committed to work towards development we don’t really care whoever wins as all that we need is development. Don’t we?”
As good as it sounds the reality is however grim and even after 46 years since the attainment of the statehood, over 300 villages still lurks under darkness, many villages lacks the basic amenities and road communication to many is still a far cry. There are villages where people still have to carry the patients on their back and trek miles to make it to the hospital and the assurances and commitment of a developed state or working towards getting there still continues.


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