BJP suffers major setback in West Shillong

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Feb 07: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has suffered a major blow in West Shillong constituency where its former leaders and members have resigned en masse.
Protesting against the failure of the party to field a candidate from the constituency, leaders of the BJP’s West Shillong constituency which include president Sonny L Khyriem, vice president Rajesh Shah, general secretary Emi-da-o Dhar and others submitted their resignations on Tuesday.

“Your (BJP) nasty and repressive preference has now made BJP the latest joke of the year 2018,” Khyriem said in a letter to the BJP state president Shibun Lyngdoh.
He said the West Shillong BJP members have all resigned en masse and dissolved the constituted mandal committee including the Mahila Morcha, BJYM and all the polling booth units with immediate effect.
“This is in protest of the BJP dictatorial attitude and a concealed agenda behind the scene by not nominating candidate in the West Shillong Constituency,” Khyriem said.
“West Shillong Constituency, a barren land was turned into fertile soil since we had put in the best of efforts and had left no stone unturned to ensure that not only the Mandal for the first time ever was constituted,” Khyriem added while adding that the ‘dictatorial attitude’ not to nominate a candidate in the constituency speaks volumes of a tyrannical mindset and a despotic choice.
Khyriem informed that the party has also failed to inform its decision to the leaders of the mandal that it would not field any candidate and had even askedfor applications for obtaining party nomination for the ensuing elections.


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