Arun Marak confident of beating Mukul, other contenders

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
WILLIAMNAGAR, Feb 07: Unfazed by the competition he faces against the likes of Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma, NPP’s Nihim D Shira and BJP’s Thomas Marak, the UDP candidate for Songsak, Arun Marak has expressed confidence of a win for his party against his arch rivals.
The brother of former minister, late Helton Marak, Arun stated that there is a need to carry on the legacy of his brother for the people of Songsak.

“It may be tough but the UDP’s growth in numbers in Songsak will ensure a win for us. Songsak has lacked development over decades and needs a leader who understands the people and work with them. Unfortunately, that has not been happening for Songsak,” said Marak.
The UDP leader pointed to the lack of education, health and livelihood options as the challenges the people have been facing.
“The Congress and the NPP have failed the people of Songsak and no amount of pandering at this time will change the picture. It is my privilege to contest with one of the most corrupted chief ministers of India and another son of the soil. We have seen 46 years of Congress misrule and I have dedicated myself to serve the people of Songsak in particular and Garo Hills as a whole,” said Arun.
He added that he was confident of winning the seat with assistance from the party and the hunger for development shown by the people of Songsak.
“It took 24 years of the CM being a representative of Ampati to open a Civil Hospital there, so how many years should the people of Songsak wait for him for development. Ampati also has the lowest literacy in the state, so where is his much vaunted development,” questioned the UDP leader.
“Let them use money power (Congress and NPP) against each other. I am there to take advantage of it and ensure I win for the sake of people of Songsak,” said Arun.
“The Congress and NPP have been using people like recharge cards. They will recharge once every five years and then will do the same in the next five years. You cannot recharge the electorate using CGI sheets and blankets every five years. The people are not dumb,” said Arun as a parting shot.


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