Kohli predicts massive victory for BJP in Meghalaya

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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SHILLONG, Feb 06: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national spokesman Nalin Kohli has predicted that 2018 will witness a massive victory for the party in Meghalaya.
“The time for change and time for the BJP is clear whether in Jaintia Hills, Khasi Hills or Garo Hills especially Shillong where we have outstanding candidates like Hek, Sanbor Shullai, Antonio War,” Kohli had said here on Tuesday.

Adding to this, BJP leader and former legislator from Pynthorumkhrah Alexander L Hek said, “We will lead the next government in Meghalaya. We will win in 10-15 seats in this upcoming elections.”
Stating that the coming election will be a massive one for the party, Kohli said the BJP will be leading and forming the government in Meghalaya as the Lotus always blooms out of the depth whatever be the dirt on top.
“The lotus for us is a symbol of good governance, a symbol of promises to be delivered for the welfare of the people,” he said while adding the BJP is not like the Congress which is running away from a track record of non - deliverence.
Asked why the BJP had only fielding 47 candidates out of 60 seats up for grabs, Kohli said, “We decided to field based on massive exercise of assessment at the state level, assessment by central leaders and on our own inputs to see who are the candidates who can put up a credible fight.”
“We don’t fight as tokenism. We fight credibly and want to state clearly that the mood of the people of Meghalaya is to remove the Congress which for 15 years has a track record of un-kept promises. We always said that we will find a majority seats. 47 seats is the vast majority of 60 seats,” he added.
Asked how the party will remove the perception that the BJP is a communal party, Kohli said that the BJP believes in “sabka sath sabka vikas” and the PM Narendra Modi swears only by one book and that is the Constitution of India.
The constitution makes us all equal citizens, it allows us to practice our own faith, without any interference, he said adding the constitution also allows us to live our lives and eat what we want and it does not permit any kind of interference.
“Our agenda is the Constitution in letter and spirit and the people of Meghalaya will see through the divisive agenda of the Congress which fights this election on their own and unkept promises of corruption, but want to create a false perception that the BJP is a divisive party,” he stated.


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