Pynshngain targeting a rout in Assembly polls

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Feb 05: The Chairman of the People’s Democratic Front (PDF), Pynshngain N Syiem has expressed confidence that his party will emerge victorious in all the constituencies that it is putting up its candidates in the ensuing Assembly elections.
“Informed that mining will be one of the top priorities of the party Syiem said, “We will also take up the mining issue for the sake of the people besides coming up with employment policy and others.”

He said that the PDF will concentrate on policy and law making in view that the state is facing law and policy crisis.
Slamming what he termed as the ‘incompetence’ of political leaders in the state, Syiem said the Prevention of Disqualification (Members of Legislative Assembly of Meghalaya) (Amendment) Act, 2015 passed by the Congress government is totally against the spirit of Article 191-192 of the constitution.
According to him, this clearly shows that the law machinery and legislators have failed miserably to legislate as per the constitutional mandate.
“The resignation of the parliamentary secretaries over night after their appointment was declared as ‘invalid’ by the Meghalaya high court is another act of incompetency in law making,” he said adding “I have been there ten years waiting for all the ministers who considered themselves very qualified to be in the cabinet to do something on these issues but that never happened.”
Expressing confidence that he will retain his seat as the MLA representing Mawsynram, he further said that the PDF has taken up many issues in the District Council level including the Saitsohpen issue where the government in 1983 has declared that all British territories belong to the state government but we said that the lands belong to the people and also constituted the Saitsohpen Elaka.
He however refused to comment on the PDF post poll alliance and stated that this will be decided only after elections.
Syiem said, except for Sohra roads there are no proper roads in Meghalaya. “The government is building roads based on favoritism,” he claimed.


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