NE under severe cold category, Shillong records lowest temperature in 29 years

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SHILLONG, Jan 09: A spectacular sight of the meadows and the greens covered in frost often befooling many to mistake it for snow, Meghalaya along with the North East states is experiencing the coldest wave it has experienced for over 28 years now with scientists from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) confirming that the drop in temperature has pulled particularly Meghalaya along with the North East region under the category of severe cold wave.
Director of the Indian Meteorological Department Centre, Shillong, Andrew C Lyngdoh on Tuesday confirmed that the temperature in the North East Region has fallen under the category of severe cold affecting parts of Meghalaya, Assam and other North Eastern States.

Lyngdoh, said, “This time the temperature has come down and fallen under the category of severe cold and it has affected some parts of Meghalaya, Assam and parts of the other North Eastern States”.
Lyngdoh however said that as per IMD forecast the minimum temperature is expected to rise in the coming five days.
“As per our weather forecast from the department we expect the temperature to rise in Meghalaya and other parts of North East as well,” he said.
Meghalaya received its share of lowest minimum temperature of minus point seven degree Celsius (-0.7°C) after almost three decades on Monday night as the mercury contracted to a lower grade way past the minus level.
The state experienced this dip in temperature decades ago and as per the statistics present with the IMD office, Shillong, such extreme lows were experienced in the year 1950 where the minimum temperature dipped to -2.8 ° Celsius, ten on 30th January 1971 the minimum temperature recorded was -0.9° Celsius, on 12th January 1989 where the minimum recorded temperature was -0.8 ° Celsius and now almost after 29 years the state experienced a minimum temperature of -0.7° Celsius.
Talking about Meghalaya, Lyngdoh said, “In the eight of this month in January Meghalaya recorded a temperature of minus point seven (-.7), which normally would have been 6° Celsius”.
Elaborating more Lyngdoh said, “It is a natural phenomenon; we get such temperature dips from factors that are present during this season. We have north westerly waves coming and these affects the temperature here”.
From people taking respite by the fire side in rural Meghalaya to animals such as dogs clad in winter wear, the state is doing it all to counter the cold. Frosty morning has become a daily affair and while the city is under the wrap of severe cold and people are coping up with the chills, the frost laden morning views provide quite a spectacle especially for those in love with nature.
“Inspite of the biting cold the morning here is beautiful. The grasses are covered in frost and ice like in the Polo grounds and Gold Links. It is amazing,” said Avinav Gupta who was basking in the sun along with his friends.
“The weather in Shillong is pretty cold now. As compared to previous years it is freezing and you can really feel the chill if you are riding a two-wheeler,” said Mark Lyngdoh.
Another youth clad in winter wear, Roman Dkhar said, “Look at me I am wearing a woolen cap and warm clothes and walking around in broad day light, which only means that it is really very cold”.


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