Mercury dips below zero, Shillong records -0.7 C

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Jan 08: As bitter cold wave grips the entire North and North Eastern belt of the country, Shillong’s has taken a leap – the sub-zero leap. For the past one week, the city has been witnessing uncanny cold. But on Sunday night – Monday morning, the Pine City’s temperature breached the sub-zero mark when the Observatory at Upper Shillong recorded lowest temperature of -0.7 Celsius.
While sub-zero temperatures are not uncommon in some of the mountainous areas in the region, but Shillong has not witnessed such weather conditions in well over a decade. Though winters are cold here, but there are no recent records of the mercury dipping below zero.

Mentionably, the minimum temperature recoded on Saturday 0.8 degree Celsius, while the previous day, the temperate stood at 1.5 degree Celsius.
Similarly, early morning winter front is a common sight here but this time around frost seems to last longer. Social media sites are flooded with people taking early morning pictures of the fields turned white with frost and bucket-full water frozen, while early morning water has also been hit.
According to weather forecast, the temperature will hover around the zero degree Celsius in the coming days though further dip in mercury is not expected.


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