Congress Agents of God, BJP and RSS Agents of the Devil: Meghalaya CM

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Jan 05: Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma on Friday glorified the congress as ‘Agents of God’ while calling the BJP and the RSS as ‘Agents of the Devil’ for allegedly dividing the people of the state and trying to invade the state socially and culturally with their ideologies.
The Chief Minister said this while addressing party workers at the welcoming ceremony of the newly appointed MPCC chief Celestine Lyngdoh, at the Congress Bhawan.

Alleging that the agenda of the NDA government is the agenda of the BJP and the agenda of the BJP is the agenda of RSS, the Chief Minister said, “It is the RSS who dictates, it is the RSS who decides. The Prime minister does not have the power to decide alone even to decide on who should be minister. This is how this NDA government is working that is why you see what you see”.
Claiming that the ruling Congress has live up to its promises made in 2013 in as far as containing the law and order situation in the state, Dr. Sangma said, “Count your blessings name them one by one as the saying says. Even God wants people to count their blessings because people often forget. So we have to remind people to count the blessings that have come from the government. We are only agents of God to do what is necessary to be done and that is why God is protecting us and giving us the wisdom and knowledge.”
Lambasting the BJP and RSS for trying to divide the people, the chief minister said that there is a need to fight against the agents of devil.
“We have to fight against the agents of devil. I am calling them as agents of devil. Are they not agent of devil? They are agents of devil because they want to divide the people, to make people fight, they want to make people kill each other. Will agent of God engage in these kinds of agendas?” he said.
He alleged that the BJP and RSS have been engaging in these agendas for a long time and because the people were not alert and tend to be complacent, they have already become successful in dividing the people.
According to him, the agents of RSS have been dividing the people and they have started dividing the Garo people by saying your culture and tradition are different and you were not Christians you are like one of us.
“But how is it that our people are like one of them. We are tribals, we are non-vegetarian and some of our people eat everything that moves,” he said.
Stating that our way of life is different and that is why the issue of Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the state, Dr. Sangma said, “So the ILP walas should first stop these people (RSS) from coming because they are already having a social and cultural invasion to divide our people and it is dangerous for us.”
Urging party leaders and workers to repeatedly make people aware on the agenda of the BJP and the NDA government, Dr. Sangma said, “That is why you see government sometimes doing things to embolden the so-called fringe elements.”
The chief minister also informed that before Christmas, he had to write a letter to the Union home minister Rajnath Singh after requests from the people of the state who have children staying in other parts of the country.
“I had to write a strong letter to the union home minister that this is what is happening. It is a dangerous trend,” he said.
Recalling during the year 1947-48, the chief minister said the RSS that time could not prevail on their diktats when the Constitution of India was drafted to ensure that India be made one nation, one religion.
“They could not prevail because of the power of the Indian National Congress and the power of its leaders. So to achieve their agenda they have eliminated Congress leaders and Congress which is still there,” he said.
He added, “Earlier they did not tell people but now they are telling people that is why they want Congress Mukt Bharat so that Congress will not come in their way as others (political parties) are their partners in crime.”
According to him, it is crime to divide people, it is crime to make people fight and to instill a sense of hatred among the people. He also warned that the BJP could achieve its agenda (to amend the Constitution of India) only if it gets all the states to itself to get 2/3rd majority in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.


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