Churches in Garo Hills to protest atrocities against minorities through prayer meet

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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TURA, Jan 05: The churches in Garo hills will show solidarity with the suffering minorities in North India and 7th January will be observed  as a day of protest through Prayer  for community.
“The rising tide of intolerance and violence against minority communities especially in North India is cause of serious concern to the Christian communities in Meghalaya”, a  press release issued from the  Diocese of Tura said on Friday.
The release comes in wake of attempt of fringe  elements   and by the members  of ABVP to forcibly conduct particular form of worship in St.Mary’s P.G.College in Vidisha, Sagar Diocese, Madhya Pradesh on Jan 4.

“Although the attempt was foiled due to the intervention of the Home Minister Rajnat Singh for which the Christian community is deeply grateful, and yet the fact remains that  the tiny minority  Christian community there lives in fear and anxiety is indeed  a cause of worry”, the release added.
The release noted that  the same College has already been attacked once by these anti social elements  on December 30, 2017 who  entered the college  by scaling walls.
It said that the attack took place in the presence of over 20 policemen who watched without acting. “This type of  terrorism is unacceptable. This false nationalism must stop. The mobs of these types are being emboldened as  was earlier seen  in Satna  is worrying and disturbing”, the release said.
The release said that a fact finding team of lawyers deputed by Catholic Bishop Conference of India   has reported that tiny Christian community is frightened and worried.  They observed that “Bajrang Dal activists  shouted slogans against Christians  and used filty and foul language to  abuse them.
They asked brothers and priests to come forward one by one and took photos of everyone and wrote down the phone numbers;  and the police silently watched. It looked as if the whole incident was scripted and directed by Bajrang Dal Activists with the Sponsorship of Police. The Police did not do anything to protect the brothers.    The manhandling and thrashing by the Bajrang Dal members were so ruthless   that many got bruises and injuries. They forced the borthers to say “Jai Sriram Jai Bajrang Bali”.
This incident read with many other incidents  including those of  cow Vigilantes and communal statements issued by an MLA in UP threatening to break the limbs  of cow killers in UP is a threat to the social harmony and development of the Country. It appears that the f fringe elements have  the support of the respective state governments.
In this context the Church leaders appeal to all to pray for the suffering brothers and sisters  in North India as well  as to observe Sunday the 7th of January as Day of Prayer to denounce anti minority attitude  especially against Christians by holding special prayers in the entire  Garo Hills, the release stated.


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