Prestone slams Mukul for hoarding portfolios

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SHILLONG, Jan 04: Former Congress minister, Prestone Tynsong who joined the National People’s Party (NPP) on Thursday went on a tirade against Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma while accusing the latter of hoarding as many as 18 portfolios.
“Out of 29 Chief Ministers in India, it is only Mukul who is holding not less than 18 departments despite Meghalaya having 11 other Cabinet Ministers,” Tynsong said while addressing at the NPP’s public rally held here on Thursday.

“What is this? Why is he holding 18 departments alone? Is he trying to say that the other 11 Ministers are not fit? If not why did he induct them in the ministry?” Tynsong asked.
Tynsong is one of the longest serving Cabinet Ministers having occupied a Ministerial post from 2006 to 2017 before he was dropped by Dr. Sangma during a cabinet reshuffle last year.
The former minister also said that he pities the present Ministers in Dr. Sangma’s cabinet while saying that they are made to be just like “managers” who will have to agree to whatever the Chief Minister is saying.
“It is for this reason we have left the Congress party as we see that there is a future in the NPP under the leadership of Conrad K Sangma,” he said.
Tynsong is among the five former Congress legislators who have resigned as members of the Assembly recently and joined the National People’s Party.
Those from the Congress are former Deputy Chief Minister Rowell Lyngdoh and former cabinet ministers Prestone Tynsong, Coming One Ymbon, Sniawbhalang Dhar and Umroi former MLA Ngaitlang Dhar.
The others are former United Democratic Party legislator Remington Pyngrope, and Independents Hopeful Bamon and Stephanson Mukhim.
Besides, seven sitting MDCs which include six from the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council and one from the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council also joined the NPP during the rally attended by thousands of supporters.
Tynsong further accused Dr. Sangma of trying to divide the people of the state.
“Since 1972 Meghalaya got its statehood we have 11 Chief Ministers.  The 10 former Chief Ministers are not like the 11th Chief Minister (Mukul). He is trying to divide the people of the state,” he said.
Tynsong also questioned why developmental schemes went to a few pockets in the Garo Hills region and a few in Khasi-Jaintia Hills region adding “Is it not that you are trying to divide us.”
Reacting to the allegations that the eight MLAs are joining the NPP only for their vested interests, he said, “Yes, we are selfish for the interest of the state because our blood and heart is for the people,” adding “Mukul is the Chief Minister of Ampati. But the NPP is not going to do that as we are for the interest of the people of the state.”
Alleging that many schemes have emerged just ahead of the elections, he said that under the name of Livestock Mission, each beneficiary was promised Rs 5,000 even as he wondered where these schemes were four and half years back.
“Why promise now? Is it not that you are trying to fool the people before the elections? I urge the people to take these schemes but their votes should go to the NPP which will form the next government,” he said.
Tynsong also assured that the NPP will ensure a corruption free government to ensure a bright and better future for the people of the state.
Defending the party, he also rubbished the allegations that the NPP is ‘team-B’ of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
“How can they say that when we have our own mission documents, ideology and constitution for the benefit of the people,” he said while urging the people not to be misled by what he termed as ‘false propaganda’.


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