We don’t wait for people who don’t attend office: Mukul

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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SHILLONG, Dec 06: Clearing the air on accusations that former Cabinet Minister, Comingone Ymbon has made against him wherein Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma has been blamed of indulging in one – upmanship, the latter has said that he took certain key decisions regarding the Power sector in the state due to the absence of Ymbon who is the former State Power Minister.

“If you are a Minister and if you are not available, the decision cannot wait, the procedure is that the file noting will be written ‘Minister on tour’ then put up to the Chief Minister that is the procedure. We don’t wait for people who don’t come and attend office,” Dr. Sangma said on Wednesday.
Ymbon who was earlier in-charge of power, C&RD and GAD had resigned recently and had cited Dr. Sangma’s style of functioning as the reason for this resignation. He had also alleged the chief minister had convened a meeting of the power department without informing him as a Minister.
Denying this allegation, Dr. Sangma said that the meeting was convened as per procedure. “When ministers are not in station, the files of urgent in nature are put up to the Chief Minister,” Dr. Sangma said.
Pointing out the current state of the power sector in the state, Dr. Sangma asked, “Is it not bleeding?” He also pointed out that the state government has paid a lot of money when the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL) needed this. In this backdrop, Dr. Sangma said, “When the minister is not there should I not call a meeting?”
Dr. Sangma also pointed out that the post of Minister brings with it a number of responsibilities to the people of the state and the generations to come.
“Therefore if a Chief Minister does not understand the seriousness of this business, the state will go to the dogs and I will not allow this when I am holding that responsible post of a Chief Minister because I love my people, I love my children and I love my grand children, I love the generation next.”
“The post of a Minister is a very responsible post, it is not for someone to go from Shillong to Kolkata and Kolkata to Shillong. You find out, you file a RTI of these ministers. How many times they have been travelling to Kolkata what job do they have in Kolkata?” Dr. Sangma said.
Claiming that former Cabinet Minister, Prestone Tynsong has been frequently visiting Kolkata, Dr. Sangma asked, “Who is there in Kolkata waiting for them?”
Coming back to Ymbon, Dr. Sangma said that by inducting the latter into the Cabinet, he had given Ymbon an opportunity. “Now people know that he was given an opportunity, he was given a platform, he was given all that he wanted but still he left. So I’ve done my job.”


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