NPP today is like NPP in 2013: Kharluki

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SHILLONG, Dec 04: While veteran politicians from strong regional forces like the United Democratic Party feels that it is a mismatch of timing and political jumps that many politicians including independents and Congress legislators are indulging in, the National People’s Party (NPP) feels that such moves of the legislators is only strengthening the party and raising its political equation of legislators from two to ten.

Congress legislator and Power Minister, Commingone Ymbon who was inducted on August this year after the cabinet reshuffle and is keen to contest from the NPP resigned on Monday taking the numbers of Congress legislators to join the NPP to five. The other Congress legislators include Prestone Tynsong, Sniawbhalang Dhar, Ngaitlang Dhar and Rowell Lyngdoh. Adding to the NPP growing number are two Independents, Stephanson Mukhim and Hopeful Bamon and UDP legislator Remington Pyngrope.
Confirming their joining, NPP State President WR Kharluhi said, “NPP today is unlike the NPP of 2013. Eight legislators will be joining, five congress two Independent from Jaintia Hills and one UDP”.
Asked when the official joining will be, Kharlukhi said, “The legislators are likely to join after the session. When the session gets over everybody will be preparing for elections and it will be very clear”.
“Now it is clear but the official joining remains,” he added.
Meanwhile, veteran politician and UDP leader, Bindo M Lanong opined that the move of the legislators to switch to NPP is immature.
“I am sorry they are new people in politics. He just won once and without understanding the real politics at the ground level have joined in the NPP fray,” he said.
Stating that the NPP has just two MLAs in the entire state and the party collapsed in Garo Hills even at the District Council level, Lanong wondered, “I don’t understand what prompts Ymbon and others to do so”.


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