Police Bazaar: Turning into a Nocturnal Nightmare

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Dec 03: She walks fast beneath the rays of the street lights through the sparsely crowded Khyndailad, ignoring and trying to dodge lecherous onlookers as the clock steadily turns 10 pm. Suddenly! a male voice breaks her pace, the words so vulgar that it still echoes in her ears. She quickens her pace and walks home as she recalls the incident where someone just asked her worth- “Kitna Layga”
This may sound like a fiction but it is a stark a reality that many mothers, daughters, sisters and wives are faced with in Shillong, especially at Police Bazaar area.

As the business establishment down their shutters and office goers calls it a day, many stoves of street vendors lights up along the Khyndailad point radius who have been working hard and making a living by selling food items at night.
While the street eateries are a welcome initiative and has shot to prominence for the array of local and other delicacies it provides, foul mouthed drunkards and alleged street prostitution is working as a dampener to the otherwise wonderful night life.
The negative ramification of it is that individual who would want to explore the street food, especially women might aswell be well prepared for any vulgar remarks and obscenity.
This might not be the case always but there have been cases where women waiting for taxis or for someone and as early as 7 pm in the evening faced such vulgar remarks.
In one such instance this scribe was out for some street food and as a group of young girls was passing by the stall, three men in their early twenties and drunk asked them-‘How much’.
Embarrassed and shocked the young girls walked away hurriedly without even turning back. The matter was brought to the notice of the CRPF personnel who cautioned the drunks and sent them away with a strong warning and few sticks.
Now, this is just one such instance while there have been many such allegations and observation made by many frequenting the place.
Call it the mindset of few or the tag the place holds for alleged prostitution, but women are being harassed and it may require some serious attention.


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