Congress has been given a certificate of no confidence: Kohli

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SHILLONG, Dec 02: The Congress party in Meghalaya has been given a ‘certificate of no confidence’ by its own members who have since left the party or decided not to contest the upcoming 2018 state polls, according to BJP national spokesperson, Nalin Kohli.
“I see only one wave in Meghalaya and that is the Congress will not return as it is going out of government,” Kohli said here on Saturday.

With regards to who will come to power in 2018, he said that is the right of the people and every party is entitled to aim for the maximum number of seats. “The BJP is no exception because for us, an election is a serious exercise because it involves people’s aspirations,” Kohli added.
The National People’s Party (NPP), which is an ally of the BJP-led NDA central government, is all geared up to move a no-confidence motion against the Congress-led Meghalaya United Alliance (MUA-II) government in the upcoming three-day winter session of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.
Reacting to a query on this issue, the BJP leader denied that the BJP is behind the NPP’s move and said anybody who is in the Assembly has the right to do so and that the BJP has no representatives in the House to make such a move.
“With regard to the general perception that the NPP is being driven from behind by the BJP on this move, I will say I am not aware of any kind of instruction or any such conversation that the NPP should move it on behalf of the BJP,” he said.
Asked whether it will be of help to the BJP if the present government collapses during the upcoming session, Kohli however said, “When the people are getting ready to reject a government even if it continues in office for another two months I don’t think it has much value.”
On allegation that the NPP is campaigning against the BJP in the state, he said, “Though at the Centre and also Manipur, NPP and BJP are partners, but with regards to Meghalaya, we are separately contesting but the common political adversary is the Congress party. Now if anybody feels that we are their adversary instead of the Congress that question should be asked to them.”
Kohli also claimed that the BJP is the only option for those who want to see the ouster of the Congress and for those who believe and want to bring the agenda of “sabka sat sabka vikas” in Meghalaya.
Asked what difference would it make when the BJP is anticipating sitting legislators to join its fold, Kohli however said, “Well there are also young people in the BJP who have been working several months and are aspiring to win. Some of them have not contested elections before, some have in the last election, so it is a mixed bag.”
“I can’t say who will contest the election because that right is only with the central election committee of the party so as and when the CEC meets we will know who the exact candidates are,” he added.
He however said with regards to existing MLAs in any state, the fact of the matter is that the final vote of confidence about the work undertaken or not undertaken by the elected representatives at any level lies on how the voters treat that person because voters elect people who they want to elect.
On the allegation that the Mission-40 of the party is to get MLAs from other political parties after the election, the BJP leader however said that elections have not yet been declared and in absence of that to even talk of what would be the outcome of the election is very premature.
He further defended that the mission of the party is driven by the agenda of sabka sat sabka vikas and the message it carries is development, development and development.


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