BJP admits to challenges in fielding new faces for 2018

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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SHILLONG, Dec 01: While admitting that it is finding it difficult to find new faces to field in the upcoming 2018 state elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has informed that it will be putting up many MLAs who have joined its ranks after leaving their old parties.
“In politics you cannot completely get new faces, we need people with experience but wherever we have governments, those governments deliver and that is a big difference,” BJP leader in-charge election in Meghalaya Alphons Kannanthanam said here on Friday.

He was reacting to query as to what made the BJP pull sitting MLAs into its fold when earlier it had maintained that it wants only fresh faces because it does not want to pour “old wine in new bottle”
Alphons, who is also the Union Tourism Minister, also claimed that when the BJP is in power, it is running a government which is part of the Prime Minister’s dream which is to run an honest government which does not corrupt.
“We need people from all segments of society, we need people who are experienced but corruption is something which we will not compromise on,” he said.
“Therefore we can’t have college students to run the party; we need people with experience also to be in the party. I think we need a good mix of the old and young so that things can happen,” he added.
He went on to clarify that old wine does not mean it is only old people but the party is talking about people who can share the PM’s dream.
On the allegation that the party’s Mission-40 is to rope in MLAs, who are elected from other political parties, after the election to form the government, Alphons said, “I think the most important thing in the state of Meghalaya is to throw out the most corrupt government in the history of India. If you look at our history, the party has always been able to put in place governments that are able to deliver.”
Reacting to a query, the BJP leader claimed that many sitting legislators and leaders of different political parties will certainly join the party.
“Things will finally heat up when the elections are announced and that is when things are going to move. Many are joining us but these are things we do not put in the public domain. You will get to know soon,” he said.
Stating that party is not in a hurry to get people into its fold, Alphons however said, “We will have many people coming to us. In Manipur, we have one MLA but we are in power so we will turn the tables overnight, that is going to happen here.”
Accusing the Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma of being corrupt, he said that the upcoming 2018 election is going to be very decisive and people of Meghalaya are going to decide what is good for them.
Reacting to another query, the BJP in-charge election in Meghalaya however is of the opinion that sitting legislators who failed to deliver should be voted out in the upcoming election.
“Where MLAs do not deliver on basic things they should be voted out. But the biggest culprit is your Chief Minister, look at the state of affairs in the state where people do not get jobs here and the roads are pathetic,” he said.


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