Govt to face No Confidence Motion in next session of Assembly

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Nov 29: Living up to its reputation of wobbly politics and with months left before the assembly elections, the Winter session of the State Assembly is all set for an uproar with the opposition likely to move a non-confidence motion against the Congress led government in the state.

This comes following reports of as many as seven Congress legislators showing keen interest to shift their allegiance to other parties. Congress has 30 legislators in the 60-member house and has the support of 11 independents out of which three have openly declared while two have already withdrew their support to the Congress, the latest being Rophul Marak from Siju Rongara constituency.
Meanwhile, Congress Spokesperson, Ronnie V Lyngdoh termed this reported move as ‘desperate’ attempt and ‘sinister’ plan on the part of the NPP in connivance with the BJP to destabilize the government.
“This proposed move only shows their (NPP & BJP) sinister plan to destabilize the government and grab power at any cost by any means. It only shows their true intentions,” Lyngdoh said adding that it is immature for the NPP, an alliance of the BJP, to influence the election by adopting these kinds of unfair means.
Furthermore, he said that it is beyond his comprehension as to “why these ‘people’ want to use forces to win the elections. With only 3 months left for the state to go to polls, why do they want president rule. Can’t they wait for the mandate of the people?” he questioned.
Terming the BJP & NPP as ‘power-hungry parties’, the Congress spokesperson said, “They are not interested in development, they thirst for power and their hunger for power is becoming very clear.”
Exuding confidence that the congress will defeat them firmly, Lyngdoh said “This move is not a threat to the party and we are confident that during the election, the party will gain majority.”
When asked whether the possible exit of 7 Congress legislators will be an added bonus in the opposition’s attempt to overthrow the government, Lyngdoh said, “They (Congress rebels) may have openly declared their intentions, but they have not resigned. And if they do, we will issue a whip and automatically the anti defection law will apply to them.”


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