Working with UDP for a regional government in 2018: HSPDP

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SHILLONG, Nov 13: The primary aim of the Hill State Democratic Party’s (HSPDP) alliance with the United Democratic Party (UDP) is to ensure that the next government of Meghalaya is one that is made up of regional parties, as per what was said by HSPDP president, Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit here on Monday.

“We have not come up with the alliance to strengthen the HSPDP or the UDP but to ensure that a regional government is formed in the state,” Basaiawmoit said.
He reiterated that the stand of the HSPDP and also the alliance is to ensure a non-Congress and a non-BJP government while reacting to the recent allegation by the KHNAM that the UDP and HSPDP are also keen in working with BJP, which is in the ruling at the Centre.
“The leaders of the KHNAM should exercise restraint before making such allegations without evidence because the alliance’s objective is to have a non-Congress and non-BJP government in the state,” he said.
With regards to another allegation that the decision of the UDP and HSPDP to set up candidates from North Shillong constituency was just to weaken the KHNAM, Basaiawmoit said, “The decision to have open seats is all for the interest of the alliance.”
“As a party when we have decided to fight the election it is not give chance to others but to ensure that the party wins from the seat,” he said while adding, “However I have nothing much to say on this but we will leave it to the wisdom of the people.”
Basaiawmoit also claimed that the party has witnessed a good response in North Shillong in a meeting held recently in Mawkhar.
However, he said that the HSPDP had also decided not to field candidate from Umroi constituency, which is one of the 9 open seats declared by the alliance, to pave the way for the UDP candidate, which has a better chance.
He also claimed that another open seat which is Mylliem constituency has come to the HSPDP and that the supporters of the UDP are supporting the party’s candidate, Teilinia Thangkhiew who is a sitting MDC in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC).
On reports which have suggested that the UDP sitting MLA from Mawkynrew Remington Pyngrope is likely to join the National People’s Party (NPP), Basaiawmoit however said that the party is not aware of the matter since it was only reported in the media.
He however said that the alliance will have to sit to decide on the Mawkynrew seat, if at all the sitting MLA decides not to contest from a UDP ticket.
With regards to Mookaiaw constituency in Jaintia Hills which is also an open seat, Basaiawmoit said that the party is yet to decide whether it would set up candidate or not. The Sutnga seat however is reserved for the HSPDP.
Informing that the HSPDP has so far declared as many as 17 candidates, Basaiawmoit however said that the final list of candidates will be declared on the first week of December.
Reacting to HS Shylla’s allegation that he is already a losing candidate from Nongkrem constituency, Basaiawmoit said he has no time to waste clarifying on ‘childish’ statements as the Election Commission of India is even yet to declare the election.
Shylla, a sitting MDC from Nongkrem, will be contesting on an NPP ticket against Basaiawmoit, who is the three-time MLA of Nongkrem constituency.
Expressing full confidence that the people of Nongkrem will re – elect him, Basaiawmoit claimed that the support of people is increasing with every election he contests.
“In the last election, the support of the people increased by 9,000 votes compared to the second which was 5,000 and the first by 1,300,” he said while also recalling that he won the 2014 MDC election by a margin of 2,600 without having to campaign.


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