KHNAM sees conspiracy in UDP-HSPDP alliance’s ‘friendly-match’

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SHILLONG, Nov 10: Adelbert Nongrum has expressed surprise over the UDP-HSPDP regional alliance’s decision to have a “friendly-match” from North Shillong constituency. According to him, the decision to field candidates by both the regional political parties from the constituency itself has defeated the main objective of their alliance which is to ensure a government led by the regional force in the state.
“I fail to understand how they can come up with a friendly match to decide on the future of the indigenous community. This only show that they lack seriousness,” Nongrum, who is also the working president of Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM), told reporters here on Friday.

While the United Democratic Party (UDP) is fielding Joe Marwein, a former FKJGP chief as its candidate, its partner Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) has announced the name of Alester Neville Diengdoh to contest from North Shillong constituency.
KHNAM on the other hand is again fielding its sitting KHADC MDC Adelbert Nongrum, who had unsuccessfully contested in the last 2013 election when Congress leader and cabinet minister Roshan Warjri defeated him by a small margin.
According to him, UDP – HSPDP are doing this to ensure the seat does not go to KHNAM.
Alleging that there is a big conspiracy behind this decision, Nongrum, asserting that he was a strong contender for the seat in the last election, said that the move may be to prepare the two parties for the upcoming 2019 MDC elections in the state.
Stating that North Shillong is a constituency of intellectuals, the working president said, “The party will leave it to wisdom of the people of the constituency to decide on this matter.”
Speaking in the same line, KHNAM state youth wing president Thomas Passah said that knowing fully well that the party has a better chance from North Shillong that is why the UDP and HSPDP wants to prevent the KHNAM from making its entry in the Assembly.
“However, the setting up of candidates by UDP and HSPDP in North Shillong clearly shows that it is against the objective of having a regional force to instead pave way for the national force in 2018,” he said.
Asked, Passah said that as per assessment done, KHNAM has full confidence that the party will win from North Shillong and four other constituencies from where it had already declared its candidates for the upcoming Assembly election.
Meanwhile, KHNAM is targeting to put up candidates in other constituencies as well. “We are planning to contest from at least 15 seats,” Nongrum said.
On the preparation of the party, he said that party has already geared up with the forming of units to make people aware on the Vision Document released by the party. Earlier, the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) also met the five candidates to discuss on the status and progress in their respective constituencies.


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