Congress slams Centre for taking money from private bank accounts

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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SHILLONG, Nov 08: The BJP – led central government is deducting money from bank accounts held by private individuals according to the state Congress party.
“The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had proudly announced demonetization against corruption but he himself is deducting money from the banks. What do we call this, is it not corruption when money of people are being taken away?” Deputy Chief Minister Roytre C Laloo asked here on Wednesday.

Speaking at the sidelines of the Black Day organized by the Congress against the implementation of the demonetization by Centre last year, Laloo said that several complaints have been received about the banks’ recent regulation that people should have minimum amount of money in their bank accounts.
“Failing to maintain this minimum amount of money, the banks have started deducted up to Rs 100 from people’s bank accounts. Why has the money of the poor people being taken away and we strongly protest against this,” he said.
Terming the exercise of demonetization, which was launched to fight against black money, as a total failure, Laloo said, “Was it necessary to have demonetization is a big question when most of the black money has turned into white money.”
He justified this statement by saying that there are so many people who have black money which was never kept in cash but in the form of gold and real estate.
“There is no ban on gold and real estate, the ban is on the cash and in the process their money has turned white,” he said.
Laloo however claimed that tribal people do not have black money.
“Black money is money which has not been assessed but what black money do we have as tribals in Meghalaya?” he asked.
laloo further reiterated that demonetization was not necessary as now the nation is back to its original position in which it used to be.
“The utilization of cash has come back to the same line despite the disturbances after the November 8 declaration by the PM that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes have been banned,” he said.
“We know what followed is that thousands of people rushed to get rid of their demonetized notes and the citizens were badly affected. The destruction of old notes has also caused the government to print more notes without applying their mind, the government done all these things in a hurry,” he added.
Calling the centre’s decision a failure, Laloo said that despite the big talk to combat fake currency being pumping into the economy, it was reported in one particular state bordering Bangladesh that fake Rs 2000 notes had entered India.
“About Rs 240 crore of new notes have been seized by the authority,” he said while adding “It was also noted that when people are dying to obtain a few thousand rupees but those who have close connections have collect crores and crores of money.”
He said that issue of demonetization will definitely be one of the agendas of the Congress for the upcoming Assembly election as it has badly affected everybody.
Meanwhile, the Congress also organized a candle light vigil as a mark of remembering those people who have lost their lives due to demonetization.
“We remember the several people, who have died because of standing in long queue in exchange of notes and lack of medical help due to refusal of accepting old notes,” Laloo said.


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