Meghalaya apprehensive of losing food grain quota

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Nov 08: Failure to implement cashless transactions in Fair Price Shops (FPS) across the state may cost Meghalaya its food grain quota which is becoming a serious concern for the State Government.
“I am afraid if we don’t toe their line they may not give us our quota that we need,” Deputy Chief Minister Roytre C Laloo said at the sidelines of the black day observed by the Congress on the first anniversary of demonetization here on Wednesday.

Laloo was speaking about the BJP – led NDA’s push for cashless transactions in the FPS across the country.
Laloo, who is also in-charge of Food & Civil Supply department, revealed that he has been pressurized by the Centre government to ensure cashless transactions in the FPS.
“They have put lots of pressure on me that the distribution of goods in fair price shops should be in a cashless manner knowing full well that we don’t have the facilities here. I have not been able to tell them anything and I am not interested in telling them because we need the services of the central government through the BSNL to make it cashless which is not possible till today,” he said.
Laloo however said that the state government has started this at the wholesale level but to go down to FPS it is not easy as most of the people in the villages they don’t have ATM cards and they don’t have internet connection.
“As a Minister I have been trying my best to introduce the system but only at a certain level,” he added.


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