Congress most affected by demonetization: BJP

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SHILLONG, Nov 08: The Congress party has been the most affected by the process of demonetization according to the state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which added that the previous UPA government never had the guts to carry out this bold move.
“The most affected (by the process of demonetization) is the Congress,” BJP state president Shibun Lyngdoh said at the sidelines of an event held to observe anti-black money day here on Wednesday.

Taking a jibe at the Congress which is observing “black day” in the city as a mark of protest against demonetization, Lyngdoh said that demonetization will ensure that the Congress which is practicing corruption, will have to close shop.
The BJP, which claimed that 99 per cent of black money has been recovered, however could not provide any answer as to how much black money was detected in the last one year.
“The money that was lying outside has now come back to the banks and its circulation will streamline the economy,” Lyngdoh said while reminding that demonetization was declared to fight black money and corruption.
Stating that demonetization is not a new strategy in India, he said, “The then UPA led central government in 2005 had proposed to take up the exercise but because of fear they don’t have the guts to do it.”
“But Prime Minister, Narendra Modi after consultation with experts took the decision and declared it on November 8 last year,” he said.
Hailing this as historical decision, Lyngdoh claimed that the Centre was able to check fake currency and stop extremist activities to a great extent.
He also pointed out that the militant activities in Garo Hills, which was at its peak prior to demonetization, have also come down by 80 per cent.
“Overall we can say that demonetization declared by the Prime Minister has benefited the people in which even foreign countries have appreciated the steps taken and have expressed keen interest to invest in India as they have seen that India is moving in the right direction to be the leading economy in days to come,” he added.
On behalf of the BJP, Lyngdoh also thanked the people for bearing and cooperating with the Centre when they were facing hardships during the start of the demonetization drive last year.
“With their cooperation, we are now marching ahead towards a stable economy and corruption free governance,” he said
Lyngdoh however denied that demonetization has affected the people of the state.
On the banks’ deducting money from people who could not maintain a minimum balance in their accounts, the BJP state president said that the party will soon write to the Union finance minister to reduce the minimum balance.


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