Puducherry to push for Meghalaya – like funding

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SHILLONG, Nov 06: Puducherry will soon push the Central government to extend a funding pattern to it along the lines seen in Meghalaya as was informed by the state’s Assembly’s PAC chairman R Siva here on Monday.
Siva had met the Meghalaya Assembly’s PAC chairman, Paul Lyngdoh here on Monday after which he informed that Puducherry may also approach the Centre, asking it to extend a funding pattern to Puducherry similar to what is done in Meghalaya.

“We have come to know that here the Government of India is providing 90 per cent funding to the state but it is not extending this help to us in Puducherry which is also facing financial crisis,” Siva had said.
Currently, the Central government is extending only 30 per cent grant while 70 per cent is on loan basis to Puducherry, which is one of the seven union territories in the country, he said.
The nine-member delegation led by Shiva and the chairman of the Estimates Committee A Anbalagan arrived in the state capital to study on the functioning of the Public Accounts Committee and Estimates Committee in Meghalaya.
Lauding the initiative of the state government in helping the poor people through livelihood support, Siva also invited the PAC and Committee on Estimates to visit Puducherry and see the livelihood and economic status of the people.
On the other hand, Anbalagan said that there seems to be discrimination in the implementation of the Central government schemes in the state.
“We notice here that the downtrodden in the rural villages are not fully developed, there are no toilet facilities, no proper drinking water and people seem to be living under Below Poverty Line (BPL),” he said.
Siva is of the view that development like roads, power and others has to be implemented equally and uniformly to all the people.
“The Government of India should pay more attention to poverty alleviation in tribal areas but it seems that the government is not interested,” he said.
He also urged the state government to bring this to the notice of the Centre and devise schemes which will benefit people in the tribal areas.
Citing the living condition of the people in major cities like Mumbai, he said that the people’s livelihood has improved a lot but unfortunately the same is not being done in this part of the country.
Anbalagan further urged the state government to create awareness among the people of the state on the ills of using tobacco products.
Earlier during the interaction session, state assembly PAC chairman Paul Lyngdoh highlighted the achievements of the PAC in the last five years.
“Some of the projects which required the attention of the PAC include the abattoir in Shillong and Jowai. In both the cases it is because of the intervention of the PAC that these projects now could see the light of day,” he said.


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