City roads: Underdevelopment or neglect

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Sep 10: Road conditions in Shillong city have never been this worse in the past. If one picks up any locality in the city, randomly or otherwise, it will be very hard to find a good well tarred road here.
This has been the service rendered by the congress led MUA government here for the last five years, observed citizens from the town.

The only roads that can be seen in better condition are the ones around the secretariat, Raj Bhavan, Bishop Cotton Road, Bivar Road and the adjoining ones since they houses bungalows of ministers, bureaucrats, judges and other VIPs. Rest of the city and the state at large has been neglected by the ruling dispensation as if they are not an integral part of the state.
The road near Vishal Mega Mart has become huge pits in recent times. Vehicles move in an adjacent manner in order to avoid the ditches. There are opinions that the local congress legislator, Roshan Warjri, is not contesting in the ensuing assembly election can be gauged from the negligence being meted upon the roads of this urban constituency.
The condition of the uphill Traverse Lane, opposite the shopping mall, is no better either, since the junction underneath the over bridge connecting the old assembly campus and MLA hostel has developed into a deep furrow. The vehicles moving uphill on this lane, which is a one way, is a risky affair not only because of its rising steepness but the wretched junction is preventing smooth flow of vehicles – which often skids and screeches. That the city’s commercial hub is in this wretched condition and the experience that tourists are going to take back with themselves is not that difficult to gauge. Those who are treading in this area daily observed that the smooth ride on the new road beside Earle Sanatorium connecting Police Bazar and Polo gets dampened with the potholes abound in the commercial hub.
The condition of the adjacent road near LIC and behind the infertility clinic of woodland hospital is another ditcher. This narrow one way road is often used by vehicles to take the shorter route towards Dhankheti into the Jowai Road. But the road has been lying in a state of negligence similar to the construction of pavement over the nearby river here. Public opinion indicates that if a new person sees this road and the Upland Road in Laitumkhrah then he/she would question as to what is the local legislator, Ampareen Lyngdoh, doing for the last five years here.
Similarly, road conditions in the entire town are in a miserable condition. Looking at them a person quipped that there can be a contest on “best unmaintained roads in town” among the legislators from the city’s seven urban constituencies. The public have every right to seek better roads and footpaths from their legislators – whom they have voted to look into these issues. These roads actually a telltale of the performances of the elected representatives over the years, observed the public.


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