Not all sitting legislators win election: Zenith

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SHILLONG, Sep 06: After repeated statements made by the BJP, NPP and recently two Independent legislators Justine Dkhar and Robinus Syngkon about a few Congress legislators leaving the grand old party, senor Congress leader and cabinet Minister Zenith Sangma while admitting that a few legislators are leaving the Congress has asserted that not all sitting legislators get re- elected.

Stating that a few legislators leaving the party will not affect the Congress which gives priority to loyalist, Sangma said, “From the preceding election we have experience that several sitting MLAs lose elections so it is not that any sitting MLA who shifts allegiance to some other party will win the elections for the new party and thus they will not be any threat to the Congress.”
Announcing that the Congress will be fielding few new faces in the next election, Sangma said, “Seats which are till now not occupied by Congress may have Congress legislators winning in future”.
Taking a dig at some legislators’ reported plans to abandon the Congress, Sangma said, “If anybody be it legislators or forthcoming candidates for the upcoming election, if anybody is switching over to some other party like the BJP or its alliance at the centre it reflects that they are very shaky because they don’t have confidence in themselves and they have begun to search for a party which will be good refuge for them for their future career.”
With BJP president Amit Shah meeting the leaders of NEDA in Northeast including five Chief Ministers which focuses on Meghalaya and Tripura election, the Congress in the state has said that the main purpose of forming NEDA was to enroot BJP in the North East. With a few months left before the state goes to the polls, the BJP as well as that Congress are engaged in coming up with strategies.
“BJP has formed NEDA in order to get enrooted in North East and in fact in different north-eastern states that is their job,” Sangma said while adding, “BJP is formulating its strategies and holding discussions and meetings and we have our own strategy “.
Meanwhile in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to “unite” the North East and the six-party North-East Democratic Alliance should include all eight Chief Ministers from the region, BJP chief Amit Shah said on Tuesday in what is seen as the clearest hint of the party’s plans for the region ahead of the coming round of assembly elections.
The second conclave of the alliance in Delhi which was attended by five chief ministers from the region was a strategy session towards achieving this goal.


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