Move to check absence of officials hailed

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TURA, Sep 06: The move of the state government to check employees not attending office or playing games while in the office has been hailed by residents of Garo Hills. While the move itself has been hailed as a good one in spirit, most people still remain skeptical as to whether there will be a push to ensure those that were hard to find in government offices would actually be punished.

A letter from the under secretary to the government of Meghalaya, RMS Lyngdoh on Tuesday that was addressed to all the DCs, SDO and BDOs of the state had noted that attendance in most government offices had deteriorated of late as many of the officers and staff remain absent from office over long periods of time.
It further stated that in order to ensure punctuality in all district, sub division and block offices, the superintendent or an appropriate officer should be made responsible for time attendance of office staff. Officials coming to the office after 10:30 am should be categorized as late comers and one day casual leave deducted for every three such instances.
The under secretary further asked for the attendance register to be put up to the concerned officer immediately after 10:30 am.
Attendance in government offices had come under scanner after reports of the entire BDO of Mayshynrut were found absent on a fully working day while the MeECL office of Phulbari in West Garo Hills saw employees playing cards during work hours while the office in charge was nowhere to be found.
The lack of officers in various offices has been a known factor with even doctors going missing from hospitals while on duty leading to tremendous hardships for people in dire need of help.
“The move is a good one and needs to be taken very seriously by the government as well as officials to make any sense to all. Some officers have hardly visited their respective offices and only come there when a high flying officer or minister comes by. This trend has to change as they are being paid from public funds to serve the people,” said an activist from Garo Hills, Avinash Marak.
Similar thoughts were echoed by many when the letter went viral through social media with all respondents welcoming the change and hoping it was the turning of a new leaf.


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