Bernard claim of Nokmaship receives a jolt

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TURA, Sep 04: The alleged guardians of Tura through the system of Mahari were dealt a heavy blow on Monday with the ‘Chambugong’ clan coming out in abject anger against Bernard Rimpu N Marak over his thoughts of being the Nokma of Tura.
Bernard had been proclaiming his station as the Nokma of Tura through the Chambugong clan stating that the entire town of Tura belongs to the clan through the Danakgre Chanbugong clan. His claims were drawn to a close on Monday with the clan members objecting to his self proclaimed Nokmaship.

Rimpu has been claiming to be the Nokam of Tura town despite objections from various quarters. He had allegedly even asked for landholders to come to him on the payment of tax.
“He has been taking advantage of a person who does not have the proper education. Mouza X was a reality from 1890 during the British rule and has continued since. The town of Tura does not have a Nokma for the same reason,” a clan member said.
In a letter to the Deputy Commissioner and the Nokmas the clan members hit out at Rimpu while also providing more information on Mouza X and how it came about. The former ANVC (B) chairman has been fighting the advent of Khas Mahal and Mouza X stating that the same was not allowed under the 6th schedule.
“As per the law the authorization of Bernard Marak is illegal and his seeking details of pattas is also the same. This has come about due to the low educational qualification of the Nokma, Enilla Ch Marak, of Danakgre. Her act is also condemnable and was used by some vested interest persons,” said general secretary of the Chambugong Mahari, Grever Sangma.
The clan stood by Cary Ch Marak, a former MDC of the clan for fighting against the illegal acts done and put to rest once and for all questions of power taken allegedly by Rimpu in his quest to prove Tura to be a Hlll Mouza under Danakgre.
According to the clan, Tura was given out as Mouza X in the year 1890 and was never under any clan  and in this regard a map of was sent to the DC of WGH for proof.
The clan members further sought stringent action against those that have brought the name of the clan to disrepute.
“We stand by Cary Marak for his seeking of action against Rimpu on August 24 on his illegal activities. We give our full support to him the matter. What Rimpu has done is condemnable,” said the clan members.


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