Public flays Modi govt over rising prices

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Sep 03:  Rising prices of essentials and fuel have taken its toll on the commoners. People have started questioning the motive of the Modi government at the centre for inflicting such hardships no sooner the GST regime has come into effect.
People everywhere are complaining about rising prices of vegetables, LPG and fuel for the last few weeks. The traders on the other hand are complaining that the GST is full of glitches and defects compelling the union government to continuously issue clarifications and notifications to meet the challenges faced by businesses. Some are questioning if this is the “achhe din” that Modi have promised to the countrymen.

There are responses received from the public that prices of most vegetables, such as, tomatoes, cauliflower, capsicum, French beans and other items of daily use have shot up to Rs. 70 per kg and above. The prices of green peas are selling at Rs. 200 per kg in the markets of the town. There are comments from the public that soon after the implementation of GST the prices of vegetables, sweetmeats and other fast food items have shot up. They observed that they don’t know much about GST but the daily use items which they were purchasing at Rs. 40 per kg has now gone up to Rs. 70 which is putting hardships.
People also complained that they are burdened by the rising prices of LPG cylinders. The price of a cylinder have gone over Rs. 500 per cylinder now, thereby reducing the subsidy transfer and putting the onus more on the consumer. Many consumers have complained that earlier they were getting Rs. 138 towards subsidy which has gone down to Rs. 98 now. “If the union government is paying a meagre Rs. 98 towards subsidy then what is the need or use of it. It is thuggery going on in the country,” said this angry customer from a gas agency in Laitumkhrah.
Similarly, people are complaining that the prices of petrol have also gone up to Rs. 70. One exasperated person who was filling up his vehicle tank at a city gas station observed that the Modi government is practicing a “uniform pricing policy” where the prices of vegetables, petrol, LPG subsidy are all tagged at Rs. 70. These respondents observed that they did not expect this from the union government since there is inflation in every step of life.


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