Benevolence comes back to haunt Sanbor

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SHILLONG, Aug 09: Attempts to come to the aid of the candidates who had arrived in Shillong to appear for a recruitment drive conducted by the army has come back to haunt South Shillong MLA, Sanbor Shullai with the aftermath of his actions spiraling into a snowball of controversy.
According to Shullai, he had gone to the guest house owned by Haviva Passah on August 2 last after being informed by residents including Haviva’s mother, Disyona Passah that hundreds of job aspirants, who have come from different states for the army recruitment rally had flocked to the guest house seeking accommodation.

“When I entered inside the guest house (on August 2), its manager Mickey Passah had already provided accommodation to the candidates and was charging them at Rs 500 per head,” Shullai said here on Wednesday.
Seeing the plight of these candidates had piqued his charitable nature according to Shullai who had immediately said that the candidates should be refunded and that he would meet their lodging needs at the community hall of the Raid Laban Sports, Social & Cultural Organization (RLSSCO).
Shullai said that he had even moved some of the candidates to a temporary shed besides making space for them at his sister’s building till 5 am as the recruitment rally was scheduled to start at 6 am on August 3.
Shullai also said that he had requested army authorities to permit the use of its land to accommodate some of these candidates.
Shullai said that his efforts had not gone down with the owners of the guest house as it had directly affected the business.
This had resulted in a confrontation between Shullai and Havina Passah who had gone to his residence on August 4 after which Passah had alleged that Shullai had manhandled her and thrown her out of the house cum office.
Clarifying on this, Shullai said that when Passah had arrived at his office, he was meeting government officials from the Planning department and that Haviva, her mother and others had interrupted this meeting in spite of request for them to wait.
“Like thunder, she (Haviva) shouted that she wanted to talk in spite of being requested to wait in the sitting room for me to finish with officials. However she continued to shout and on seeing she had a big bag with her and in fearing that they may attack me as I suspected that they may carry acid in it, I immediately called my PSO but I told him not to touch her,” he said.
“When I informed the police over phone, she told me that she will also go to the police to give false statement against me,” he said while terming her allegations as false, baseless and fabricated while claiming that many including his staff and neighbours had also witnessed the incident.
He also alleged that Haviva’s verbal complaint to the police did not tally with the complaint she had lodged after 24 hours after the incident while adding that her FIR against him was manufactured. Shullai had also lodged an FIR against family for criminal trespasses and attempt to murder.
According to him, the building where the guest house is located at Bishnupur belongs to the Raid Laban Sports, Social & Cultural Organization (RLSSCO) which is being headed by him as the president.
Shullai also said that he frequents the guest house especially after another guest house in the city was implicated in a massive controversy involving an elected representative.
Turning his attention to Haviva’s family, Shullai said that her brother was recently picked up by Rilbong police for failing to provide accommodation to clients in the guest house even after taken Rs. 30,000 from them as booking fees. He also said that a case is currently ongoing against Disyona Passah for allegedly being involved in assaulting a transgender publicly.
Shullai also questioned the timing of this controversy while pointing out that before the last Assembly elections he had been accused of misusing the sacred flag of the Seng Khasi during the emersion ceremony of Durga Puja.
Informing that this case has been dismissed by a lower court, Shullai said, “Here also, all these allegations against me will be defeated in the eyes of the law.”


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