BJP predicts non Congress government in Meghalaya

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SHILLONG, Aug 08: Exuding confidence on the prospects of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJ) in the upcoming 2018 elections in Meghalaya, its national spokesperson and Meghalaya in charge, Nalin Kohli said that the state will have a non – Congress government after the said polls.

“A non-Congress government is a certainty as of on today when we assess the situation. Now the only question is who is going to be inducted in the non-Congress government and how many seats those parties will have. I don’t think the Congress pitch anywhere shows confidence that they are going to win a third term,” Kohli said at the sidelines of a meeting chaired by the BJP national general secretary (organization) Ramlalji here on Tuesday.
He said that the state government in Meghalaya has lived up to the reputation of the Congress party’s strategy which is “no development, only politics” adding but people want development not politics.
Asked whether the BJP is eyeing a pre-poll alliance ahead of the elections which is just six months away, Kohli said that an alliance can be pre-poll, an alliance can be post-poll but till an alliance is there every party will work to strengthen its own base.
“What will happen in the future I can’t say but that will not stop the BJP from identifying who we think are good (political parties). In Assam, the alliance took place very close to the election, let see,” he added.
Asked on how prepared the BJP is for the elections, Kohli, while claiming that the preparation is far better than earlier, informed that they are already in the final stage of assessment of the seats.
“We are in the final stage of assessment of the seats, the process started approximately two weeks ago and it will be over by end of August,” he said.
He said that they have identified the seats based on three areas which is in term of seats that are ranked the highest potential (winning seats), credible performance and those which are not impossible but circumstances can make them good credible seats.
“We are assessing all 60 seats in totality. Based on the assessment, a plan will be launched from September which is the activity towards the election,” he said.
Kohli also said that the winning ability will be the basis for allotment of party tickets to the candidates for the upcoming elections.
“Winnability is the critical factor. Elections are fought to win not to lose and in elections everyone’s contribution is important – the organization the candidate and the voters,” he said adding “To us it (Meghalaya elections) is important. We have had our presence in the past we have been in government in the past and I see no doubt that we will be in the government in this election.”
On the recent political development in Tripura where 6 TMC MLAs joins the BJP, Kohli said that it is a good and happy indication for the party as it is a confirmation that representatives do not want to be part of a sinking ship.
With regards to the alleged move of the Chief Minister to contest from two seats namely Ampati and Songsak, Kohli said he is not surprised by this decision of the Chief Minister.
However referring to the last MP bye-elections for the Tura parliamentary seat, he said, “Congress candidate Dikkanchi D Shira (Mukul’s wife) lost the election in the area which is the home grown area of the Mukul family and that is a serious thing.”


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