KHNAM promises ILP in state

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SHILLONG, Aug 07: The Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) will work towards the implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system in Meghalaya if the people of the state elect it to power in the ensuing 2018 state polls.
This was revealed in the ‘Vision Document – 2017’ of the party which was unveiled by the party’s chief adviser THS Bonney, who is also a candidate for the 2019 MP elections from the Shillong Parliamentary seat, here in the presence of party leaders and functionaries.

“The party will fight for legislation and implementation of ILP system to check entry of illegal immigrants to the state while ensuring identity and security to the genuine residence of the state,” the document stated.
It also stated that the party will also fight for legislation of a State Permanent Citizenship Registration Act and creation of a State Permanent Citizenship Register to maintain records of all permanent residents of the state.
Opining that influx and illegal immigration as a hindrance to economic growth, political stability and social well being of the state, the party pledged that it would tackle this issue “head-on”.
According to the party, prominent places in Shillong like Khyndailad have almost turned into slums due to unchecked trading by unchecked immigrants.
Stating that a state without a boundary is like a house without walls, the KHNAM said that it would ensure that the issues related to boundary disputes both international and inter-state are immediately resolved.
“The party will strive for proper and secured fencing of the international border with Bangladesh from zero line besides fast tracking developmental activities in the border area,” it stated.
With regards to the age old inter-state boundary dispute with Assam, the party said that proper boundary is the foremost important issue for the welfare of the state, and that it will not rest till the pending boundary problems with Assam are resolved immediately.
The document, which comprises of 11 point also highlighted the party’s vision to ensure rightful economic growth with social justice and assured to come up with a mining policy which will ensure economic growth vis-à-vis protection of environment.
Pledging to ensure safety of women and children and eradication of drug menace from the society, the KHNAM said that it would ensure creation of special intelligence cell in each district to keep track of bad elements and stringent laws be legislated to punish offenders.
It also seeks to implement available acts and policies like that protection of harassment of women at work place Act 2013 in letter and spirit besides emergency toll free numbers to be made 100% effective with night dropping facilities from police special vehicles during emergencies.
In order to ensure clean and corruption free politics, it stated that the party will ensure that only candidates who put the interests of the state above their personal interests will be selected for candidature.
“Basing on our heritage and principles of “Kamai ia ka Hok” or “to earn righteously”, all our legislators will maintain probity in public life. KHNAM will set up its own vigilance cell that will keep a watch on the financial dealings of each legislator,” it added.
On corruption free public service delivery, the party said that it is determined to ensure good road connectivity to the most remote village of the state besides public service system.
With regard to unemployment problems faced by the people of the state, KHNAM said it will ensure the legislation of a tourism policy, set up agro-based industries, 50% job reservation by all industries and the setting up of a Khasi regiment under the Indian army and territorial army.
In order to protect history, culture and language, it said the party would ensure Khasi language gets its recognition as per the Eight Schedule of the Constitution of India besides coming up with state own education policy.
On agriculture and allied activities, the party emphasized the need for an upgrade of the farming sector in the state with core objective to upgrade the economy of the farmers. Market intelligence cell will be created in each district to find the best markets.
 “The party will pass on the power directly to the public to ensure government of the people, by the people and for the people,” KHNAM stated while promising to provide an annual report on the different steps taken to achieve these goals and results thereof.
Earlier in his speech, KHNAM working president Adelbert Nongrum said that the KHNAM is not only a political party but it is also a political movement. “This is because political parties which have claimed to be in majority, have failed due to their self-centered attitude which has turn the indigenous community into minority in the state,” he said.


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