Traffic Nightmare for some turns business for few

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Aug 06: Nothing is going right for the state government regarding the traffic muddle in the city roads including those who are facing the burnt but all is not so wrong as the jams have opened up new vistas for the vendors.
It is noticed that the traffic jams have turned into a selling point for the small time vendors who are often seen selling items to those caught in the jams. Those inching to their destination observed that it was not seen before in the city’s roads and streets but they have learnt a better way of earning some fast buck by selling items to stranded vehicles instead of waiting for walk in customers on footpaths and roadsides.

These vendors are not only selling kwai, cigarette, seasonal fruits to those riding their vehicles but are also providing relief.
 “When our head literally burns at the sight of traffic congestion waiting and moving like snails, these vendors gives some relief with their wares,” said a resident who has to take the unavoidable Laitumkhrah route from Barik everyday.
For the vendors, both male and female, the traffic congestion is turning out to be a win, win situation. One of them observed, while selling kwai placed inside plastic packets at brisk pace in MG Road, that although he knows the disgust about road blocks but he cannot complain since it is another man’s opportunity, too.
One of them quipped if there is no solution to this mess than it can’t be any good for them. Well given the unmanageable traffic in roads and lip service by the Congress led MUA government, many are of the opinion if there is going to be any solution to traffic here.
The entire route from Fire Brigade, Laitumkhrah, Dhankheti, Barik, IGP, PB till Iewduh are dotted with these vendors enquiring each vehicles, though their numbers have no proportional comparison with the vehicles on streets. Nonetheless, the joy in their face can be gauged from the site of vehicles accumulating at traffic snarls. In this way, the economy of the moving vendors are also improving since a few of them has acknowledged that their earnings increases when they market their wares than sitting on roadsides.


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