MPYC condemns attack on Rahul Gandhi

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Aug 05: The Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) has strongly condemned the major attack in Gujarat on Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi.
To show their condemnation of the attack and also to show solidarity with Gandhi, the MPYC in collaboration with Meghalaya Pradesh Mahila Congress (MPMC) staged a protest at Congress Bhawan, Shillong on Saturday.

This protest was led by MPYC President Richard Marak. MPHC President Joplyn Shylla, Szarita Laitphlang, Kunal Momin, Fernandez Dkhar and saw participation of members of both the organizations.
“This show of lawlessness in the country where the PM and his party lacks control over his followers only show the future that the country is being led to. If something as flimsy as insecurity on the part of the RSS-BJP colletive at Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Banaskantha, which is hit by major floods, could cause them to make such an attack, just think what they’re capable of,” Marak said at the sidelines of this protest.
“This is not an isolated case of violence because it is happening on a day to day basis where they are in power. It is clear the dangers that we could face should we allow these communal forces to gain a foothold in our state,” Marak said while adding, “I hope and pray that our leaders do not get swayed by the temptations put forward by these forces and keep the people of the state and the peaceful atmosphere in mind and stay away from the proponents of the Hindu Rashtra.”
Meanwhile, Marak has also urged all likeminded youth across the state to work together to stop what he has termed as ‘communal forces’ in their tracks.


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