Mukul urges insurgents to realize futility of conflict

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SHILLONG, Aug 04: Stating that waging war against the nation is a futile endeavour, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma has called upon them to lay down their arms and join the mainstream.
“The futility of such activities must be realized by them (outfits) and that is the message we are trying to send,” Dr. Sangma said after a cabinet meeting which approved the list of dignitaries for hoisting the national flag and taking of salute in the upcoming I-Day celebrations across the state.

Stating that the complete senseless killings and subjecting people to fear doesn’t serve the purpose, he said, “We have always tried to assert ourselves by telling the members of these outfits to understand the futility of such activities and withdraw from such organizations.”
“They (militants) should take advantage of the packages given by the government to assimilate with the mainstream and become productive citizens of the nation,” he said.
He further maintained that one thing is clear in as far as the government’s stand is concerned is that it has attended to this very issue with complete clarity and with utmost consistency.
According to him, there has been no inconsistency approach in as far as dealing with the issues of militancy and insurgent problems and dealing with terrorist organizations is concerned.
Referring to the government’s successful attempt in disbanding such outfits in recent years, the chief minister claimed it was seen that many (militants) have realized the futility of fighting or waging war against the nation.
“You have seen members of these terrorist organizations withdrawing from their respective organizations and surrendering and assimilating themselves with the national mainstream and trying to be productive citizens and that is what should be to understand futility of this whole exercise which leads us nowhere but lands up in creating the whole situation of dislocating our momentum of growth which is so crucial,” he said.
Appealing to citizens of the state to celebrate the I-Day in a befitting manner, the chief minister said, “We wish that every citizens must come together and celebrate Independence Day in a befitting manner to acknowledgement the freedom we avail after long struggle and give tribute to all those who have been instrumental in giving us this freedom.”
Comparing to previous years when people refused to come out due to bandhs called by militant outfits to boycott the I-Day, he claimed the input in the past including last republic day celebration was quite vibrant as people coming together to the venues and participated very aggressively.
“In fact some of the areas have a record turn around; this is happening and hats off to the people as they have defied all the bandhs called by anti-nationals in spite of the threat,” he said adding “therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure people come with complete enthusiasm and celebrating our freedom.”
However stating that by not celebrating itself served the purpose of the anti-nationals who wants to ensure that people don’t realize the beauty and charm of the freedom, Sangma said, “It is only befitting for the citizens to defy them and celebrate Independence Day in a more befitting manner and pay tribute to all those who have been instrumental in giving us this freedom.”
Earlier, Home Minister HDR Lyngdoh informed that the chief minister will take the salute in the state’s capital, Assembly Speaker AT Mondal in Mawkyrwat, Chief Adviser to the Gov’t DD Lapang in Nongpoh, deputy CM RC Laloo in Jowai and Planning Board chairman SC Marak in Resubelpara.


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