Sanbor accused of manhandling woman

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Aug 04: A lady on Friday lodged a complaint at Kenches Trace Beat House against NCP legislator Sanbor Shullai accusing him of manhandling and humiliating her when she had gone to confront him about some problems she faced at the Guest House owned by Shullai but run by her at Lawsohtun.

It was informed that she had complained to the police at Kenches Trace Beat House though a formal complaint is yet to be registered. The lady had been sent for medical check-up before a formal complaint could be lodged, police sources said.
According to EKH SP, Davi N Marak, police are investigating the veracity of the claims because as far as information goes, the lady had gone to charge Sanbor Shullai over an electricity cut at Shullai’s Guest house ‘4 Season Guest House’ at Lawsohtun.
“As far as our information goes, the electricity cut was due to the fact that the management is yet to pay their bills for months and subsequently, the MeECL had to cut their power supply,” Marak said adding that the woman had gone to Shullai’s office at Kenches Trace and confronted him on the issue even as she blamed him for the power cut.
Meanwhile, when contacted, Shullai denied the allegations stating that it is a ploy to tarnish his image before the elections. “It always happens like this. It is obvious that such allegations and accusations will be leveled before the elections with the sole purpose to tarnish my image,” Shullai said.
Clearing the air, Shullai said that he was having a meeting with his staff members in his office when the lady in question forcefully tried to enter the room demanding an audience with him despite the fact that she was told to wait as the meeting was still going on.
“She went berserk and started shouting at everyone. To alleged that I manhandled her is totally wrong, She was asked the leave the premises but I never raised a hand on her,” Shullai said on his defense.


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