Centre pushing RSS agenda, Modi bound by its diktat: Mukul

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

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SHILLONG, July 17: The BJP led NDA government in the centre is pushing the agenda of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) according to Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma who has opined that the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi himself is bound by the diktat of this organization.
“The Delhi government is not pursuing the agenda of a political party. The NDA government is aggressively pursuing the agenda of the RSS,” Dr. Sangma said at the sidelines of the presidential elections held here on Monday.

Urging the citizens to come together to insulate the society and community from all such forces, he said it is the responsibility of the citizens and the society as a whole to understand the “hidden agenda” of the RSS.
“Therefore, it is a question of sensitizing the people about the agenda of RSS which is the ultimate objective and only goal they want to achieve by being in power,” he said.
“I have repeatedly spoken about this as have leaders across the nation who care about the unity and integrity of this great country.”
The Chief Minister further alleged that agenda of the NDA is something else because the RSS is the main force behind the BJP, whose whole work force at the grassroot are the RSS members.
“Therefore, Modiji is bound to go by the diktat of the RSS and that is what is exactly happening. Why will you have one Act which is to prevent cruelty to animal and how is it that this got link to sale of cattle, cattle markets how do you corroborate the location of the market,” he asserted.
Calling the RSS a “non-government actor”, Dr. Sangma said, “Because constitutionally they (RSS) are not mandated to put in their agenda but from the backdoor they are pulling the strings so it is totally unconstitutional.”
“Putting their agenda into framing the rules that means there are some external forces who are working and taking control of the various authorities in the different ministries that is how I will interpret it,” he said.
On the NDA’s ideology, Dr. Sangma said that from the perspective of North East and various small ethnic groups which includes the people of Meghalaya, it threatens our very existence.
Stating that people’s way of life and their personal liberty are under threat, he said, “Things are not the same as they were. Our personal liberty is under threat and their (RSS) agendas are being aggressively pursued by the NDA one after the other.”
“The all agendas of RSS which existed which they wanted to pursue aggressively even before Independence and post Independence culminating into the assignation of Gandhiji,” he added.
On the present political situation, he further stated, “Slowly and slowly the whole agenda of RSS is being implemented by political parties and partnering with them will only reinforce their thinking that this country can be driven with their agenda and that is the threat for us.”
Dr. Sangma also said that 2019 is not far away and the country has gone through political ups and downs.
“The country’s electorate has matured and responded appropriately at the appropriate time and that is what is going to happen,” he said.


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