Double Trouble for commuters at Pine Mount Ridge

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, July 16: Double parking on both sides of the road in Pine Mount Ridge area of Greater Laban is having its toll on the passerby, residents and largely the pedestrians.
This thoughtless parking, mostly by the guardians of the Pine Mount School, is affecting the school students and office goers both in the morning and afternoon hours.
Those affected said that all this is happening despite the fact that the Laban PS has been given a separate traffic department to prevent such mindless parking on this road, which not only houses school, healthcare centre, guesthouse, government establishment, private residents but also is used consistently by all to move to the localities in Laban and Barik, Nongmalki on the other side.

Pedestrians observed that the traffic cops should prevent this double side parking since it reduces the width of the road considerably leaving no space for them to tread when vehicles moves from both sides. With to and fro movement of vehicles is allowed on this road coupled with the parking on both sides, the four lines of vehicles allows thread space to the pedestrians for their movement.
As a result not only vehicles are seen stranded on this road but also the pedestrians for want of space. It is a messy kind of a situation here which calls for removal of parking on one side of the road immediately.
Pine Mount school has a huge compound and enough parking space that can surely accommodate a lot of vehicle dropping their ward to school, but unlike many other schools in the city, the vehicles are presently not allowed inside the school campus.
 In addition to the two stretch of road inside the school compound which can definitely help ease the parking congestion the public are made to face with, the school also has a huge playground which lies unused for most of the year except sports though.
There are opinions from the public that the consequences of the private vehicle deluge in the Pine Mount Ridge, and other roads in the city at large, is reflecting in terms of congestion, accident, air and noise pollution and parking.
The road in question here is used for parking of vehicles rather than providing for smooth flow of traffic, observed public adding that the menacing two-wheelers, along with their four-wheel counterparts are parking in the absence of efficient parking area or for convenience, which actually reflects on lack of enforcement.
Roadside parking also affects efficiency and categorical function of roads, informed those who are facing the menace traffic. Road traffic experts informed that roads are divided into four category as arterial road, sub-arterial road, collector road and local road but how much that is applicable here is not much seen.
Experts informed further that arterial and sub-arterial road provides mobility whereas accessibility towards these roads is provided by collector road and local road. All these roads are dependent to each other for mobility of city as whole but to what extent that is feasibly practiced here is doubtful adding that junction and its adjacent area play vital role for mobility and accessibility.
It becomes very difficult to provide mobility if junction is not maintained. The efficiency of junction depends up on various factors such as junction design, junction control by traffic police. There are also opinions that the footpath near PMS needs to be extended till Red Cross for the safety of pedestrians since in the present condition their lives are risked encountering moving vehicles on the streets.


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