Jaintia Hills clamps down on rash drivers

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, July 14: Days after a 65 year old day lost her life during an accident while boarding a sumo in Shkentalang market area which could have been avoided through adhering to proper traffic rules, the Jaintia Hills district administration has decided to take strict measures against those violating the rules.
In line with this, the district administration has started clamping vehicles parked haphazardly in Amlarem starting Friday.

Pointing out that vehicles are parked haphazardly especially in village market days, Amlarem, Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Jason Mairom said, “ We are going to be very strict on traffic violators to avoid accidents and from today we have introduced clamps”.
On June 29 last, 65 year old Philin Lyngdoh lost her life after she was hit by a speeding tourist vehicle while boarding a sumo that was parked haphazardly in  Shkentalang on a market day.
“The accident happened because of haphazard parking. Although the driver of the tourist vehicle has been arrested, to avoid such accidents from occurring, we will now clamp vehicles especially on market days,” said   Mairom.
“Any vehicle, private or government owned will be clamped if parked haphazardly,” he cautioned.


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