CSWO slams Sohiong CHC for redirecting patients to private clinics

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SHILLONG, May 19: The Civil Society Women’s Organization (CSWO) has come down heavily on the CHC at Sohiong while claiming that the authorities there had recently redirected patients to private clinics.
“There were patients from the village of Kohphet Nongur, Krang Dewlieh and Pyndengkhah falling under Sohiong Constituency , East Khasi Hills District, who had gone to the CHC at Sohiong on the May 16 last evening with patients who were suffering and needed immediate attention but were instead referred to private clinics,” CSWO president, Agnes Kharshiing said on Friday.

She also claimed that the nurses in the CHC had refused to listen to the villagers, simply informing them that there was no doctor in the clinic. “Before administering drip, you will have to go to the doctor in the (private) clinic,” the nurses had said, according to Kharshiing who further informed that the patients were left with no other option but to go to the private clinic where the same doctor working in the CHC was charging Rs. 500 for the services he rendered.
“Speaking to one of the relatives of a patient who is about 60 years old, the CSWO was told that she had taken her aged mother to the CHC as she was suffering from dysentry and fever but was told there was no doctor but a Homeopathy doctor only was available,” Kharshiing said while adding, “They then had to go to the clinic nearby.”
Kharshiing also informed that another father of a child too narrated his ordeal where on May 17 last, his 10 year old child who had swallowed a coin was taken to the CHC in between 8-10 pm but there was no doctor and the nurses were just dilly dallying around.
“The child could not speak and was hiccupping and the father had to immediately book a private vehicle and took the child to the Civil Hospital at Shillong,” Kharshiing said.
In this backdrop, the CSWO is demanding an inquiry into this matter and has urged the Health Department to look into the matter while pointing out that health is the right of every citizen and they should not be neglected and pushed to private clinics where they have to spend more in spite of having a Government CHC which should cater to health of every citizen.
“This is injustice and they (Hospital staff) get their salary which is from public exchequer but are insensitive to the well being and health of the common man and pushes many to private hospitals or private clinics,” Kharshiing said while adding that the CSWO will not tolerate such acts.
The CSWO has also warned all Government health sectors to be cautious and not to neglect the patients who cone to hospitals for treatment or they will be taken to task as per law.


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