Shylla calls for unity of ‘near extinct’ regional parties

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

D Nampui Majaw
SHILLONG, May 18: The MDC representing Nongkrem constituency in the KHADC, HS Shylla has opined that the regional parties of Meghalaya are on the brink of extinction even as he called for their unity while pointing out that a united front of these parties stands a very good chance of forming the next government in the state.
“The regional parties namely the UDP, HSPDP and KHNAM have lost their power and allure and it seems like they are on the brink of extinction,” Shylla said on Thursday.

Justifying his opinion regarding the chances of a united regional front in forming the next government in the state, Shylla said that this is because even the two major national parties in the state namely the Congress and the BJP are not in a position to form Meghalaya’s next government after the ensuing 2018 polls.
“As per convention, the Congress party which the people of Meghalaya have reposed their faith on for a long time now will slip out of popularity for some time now and nothing can stop this,” Shylla said while adding that the Grand Old Party will return to power in a few years after it gets its internal affairs sorted.
Commenting on the other national party, the BJP, Shylla said that the saffron party is yet to solidify its presence in Meghalaya and that it will take a few years to accomplish this.
“The BJP is in no hurry in Meghalaya and will wait for some time to solidify its presence here,” Shylla said while adding that it can perhaps make a mark during the Lok Sabha elections in 2019.
While applauding both the former Congress led central government and the incumbent one led by the BJP, Shylla that these two governments have played a part and have greater parts to play in the development of the tribal population of the country and the north east in particular.
In this backdrop, Shylla said that the time is ripe for a united regional front to come into prominence in Meghalaya and take over the reins of power post the 2018 state elections.
“In the midst of weakness everywhere we turn, the tribal people of the state face a great danger,” Shylla said while urging the leaders of the regional parties to come to a consensus and avail of this great opportunity to lead the state into a new era of development and prosperity.
Such a consensus should not be confined to selecting a common candidate but should also include all out efforts to ensure that such a candidate emerges victorious from the electoral fray according to Shylla.
Coming down to numbers, Shylla said that at present the UDP already has 8 MLAs and 7 MDCs, the HSPDP has 4 MLAs and 3 MDCs while the KHNAM has 2 MDCs. “If we work together, we can get at least 20 MLAs,” Shylla said while adding that in such a situation, an alliance with the NPP after the elections will ensure that this united regional front comes to power in Meghalaya.


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