GSU demands judicial inquiry into restoration of Nokpante

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Front Page

Staff Reporter
TURA, May 18: The Garo Students Union (GSU), Mindikgre regional unit, recently sought a judicial inquiry on the allegations of misappropriation of funds meant for the restoration of the Nokpante at Asakgre in South Garo Hills.
The NGO blamed the contractor, who was given the project for development, of withdrawing about 85% of the funds allocated for the project and then only constructing a few posts around the place.

In a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of the district, the NGO came down heavily on the contractor, Kelson Ch Marak for delaying the construction of the building.
The Rs 10 lakh project was given to the contractor through the office of the BDO, Chokpot.
“We filed a complaint with the DC asking for an inquiry as 85% of the funds have been withdrawn and literally no construction done, barring a few posts. This comes after local villagers complained to us over the non completion,” said the GSU president of the unit, Greneth M Sangma.
“Withdrawing the money without proper work falls under scam and as such action needs to be taken against the contractor if he is found guilty. As per our sources, the money was withdrawn as far back as November, 2015, though the work has not got off the ground,” he added.
“Stern legal action should be taken against him and such people should not be entertained,” said the NGO leader.


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