A year after murder, relatives slam police for inactivity

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Tura, May 17: Relatives of a murder victim, who was killed about a year ago have alleged police inaction while pointing out that the five men who were allegedly a part of the murder conspiracy were never even arrested in the case.
The murder of the young boy, who had just passed his Class X exams a day before he was hung from a tree with his hands and feet tied, had rocked the entire plain belt due to the gruesome nature of the crime itself, with the family members pointing to six men who they believe were involved in the murder.

Last year on May 24, Prodhani Joshibur Rahman a resident of Horipur in West Garo Hills was found hanging from a tree with his hands and legs bound.
The family pointed to six men, namely Robiul Alom, Mainur, Rakif, Ashu and Saddam, who along with one Shahirul Islam as being a part of the murder. While Shahirul was arrested for the crime, the others were not even taken into custody leading to the family of the victim crying foul.
“The then Investigating Officer (IO), ZI Khan, was not serious about the case and that is why five of the murderers are still roaming free. It was a shock that the five were let off on the same day when they were taken in for questioning. This is absolutely perplexing to say the least,” said the father of the victim.
The FIR was filed on May 26, 2016 in the Rajabala POP.
The family further alleged that Robiul Alom, who works in the 108 services, had been the one that supplied the chloroform before the murder.
“After their release they have not allowed us to live in peace. They have been threatening to murder us and were even pelting stones during the night asking us to stop following up the case. Despite us informing the police, there has been no action taken against the culprits,” the father claimed.
The family, out of fear, has even had to shift residence due to the threats from the five.
Interestingly despite the shift, the uncle of the deceased, who gave the family shelter is now reportedly being threatened by the same group.
“We have lost all confidence in the IO, ZI Khan and hence would like the case to be handed over to another office so that the investigation can be done thoroughly,” said Rafiqul Islam, the uncle of the deceased.


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